descriptionlibibverbs repository for OFED-1.5
ownerVladimir Sokolovsky (Mellanox)
last changeTue, 1 Nov 2011 11:43:16 +0000 (13:43 +0200)
2011-11-01 Dotan Barak[PATCH] libibverbs: Add support for extended speeds ofed_1_5
2011-03-10 Vladimir SokolovskyKeep IBV_QPT_RAW_ETH for backward compatibility vofed-1.5.3
2011-03-10 Vladimir Sokolovskyman: added IBV_QPT_RAW_PACKET usage
2011-03-10 Vladimir Sokolovskysync raw qp type names with the upstream existing and...
2011-02-20 Alex VaynmanAdd hugepage with fork support
2011-02-20 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert "Add extended link speeds support"
2011-02-15 Vladimir SokolovskyAdd extended link speeds support
2011-02-03 Moni ShouaIB/libibverbs: Add "vlan present" flag to completion...
2011-02-03 Moni ShouaIB/libibvervs: Expose the "request for checksum" in...
2010-09-05 Eli CohenUpdate series for previous commit vofed-1.5.2
2010-09-05 Eli CohenAdd userspace support for GID change event
2010-08-23 Eli Coheniboe: adapt to new API
2010-07-08 Aleksey SeninRAW_ETH enum in libibverbs
2010-06-08 Vladimir SokolovskyFix the date format in the changelog of RPM spec
2010-06-08 Jack Morgensteinrefreshed patches in fixes so that they apply cleanly.
2010-06-08 Jack -- add AC_PROG_LIBTOOL for earlier version...
7 years ago vofed-1.5.3
7 years ago vofed-1.5.2
6 years ago ofed_1_5