ownerYishai Hadas (Mellanox)
last changeMon, 19 Sep 2016 11:22:11 +0000 (14:22 +0300)
2016-09-19 Jason GunthorpeBe explicit about _GNU_SOURCE master
2016-09-19 Jason GunthorpeInclude pthread as part of the link
2016-09-06 Roland DreierReturn failure if asked to resize CQ to fewer than...
2016-07-20 Yishai HadasRoll 1.2.1 release libmlx4-1.2.1
2016-06-09 majd@mellanox.comImplement Send with invalidate
2016-06-09 Majd DibbinyAdd Memory Windows support
2016-06-09 Noa OsherovichLimit QP resources accepted for ibv_create_qp()
2016-06-09 Haggai AbramovskyClean compilation warnings
2016-03-21 Matan BarakAdd MR re-registration
2016-03-15 Haggai AbramovskyUpdate consumer index after resize CQ operation
2016-03-14 Noa OsherovichHandling 0-length sge correctly
2016-03-14 Eran Ben ElishaAdd support for ibv_cmd_create_qp_ex2
2015-10-11 Alaa HleihelFix version to enable rpm build
2015-10-11 Alaa HleihelUse spec version as part of build
2015-10-06 Yishai HadasVerify compiling with libibverbs >= 1.2.0
2015-09-24 Yishai HadasUpdate release version to 1.2.0-rc1 libmlx4-1.2.0-rc1
21 months ago libmlx4-1.2.1
2 years ago libmlx4-1.2.0-rc1 libmlx4-1.2.0-rc1
3 years ago libmlx4-1.0.6 libmlx4-1.0.6
4 years ago libmlx4-1.0.5 libmlx4-1.0.5
6 years ago libmlx4-1.0.4 libmlx4-1.0.4
6 years ago libmlx4-1.0.3 libmlx4-1.0.3
6 years ago libmlx4-1.0.2 libmlx4-1.0.2
8 years ago libmlx4-1.0.1 libmlx4-1.0.1
10 years ago libmlx4-1.0 libmlx4-1.0
10 years ago libmlx4-1.0-rc1 libmlx4-1.0-rc1
19 months ago master