checkout_files: Added drivers/net/ethernet/hisilicon/Kconfig
[compat-rdma/compat-rdma.git] / Module.supported
2019-05-31 Vladimir SokolovskyModule.supported: Added new Mellanox kernel modules ofed_4_17_1 vofed-4.17-1 vofed-4.17-1-rc2
2017-08-22 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-22 Selvin Xavierbnxt_re: Enable bnxt_re building
2017-08-04 Ram AmraniAdd qedr
2017-05-10 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert "Add qedr - QLogic (Cavium) Everest Driver for...
2017-05-04 Ram AmraniAdd qedr - QLogic (Cavium) Everest Driver for RDMA
2017-03-15 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'for-vlad' of git://
2017-03-15 Tatyana Nikolovacompat-rdma: Add i40iw and i40e to the build scripts
2015-01-14 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded Module.supported