compat: add compat kernel checker and downloader
authorLuis R. Rodriguez <>
Fri, 3 Feb 2012 23:11:07 +0000 (15:11 -0800)
committerLuis R. Rodriguez <>
Fri, 3 Feb 2012 23:36:02 +0000 (15:36 -0800)
compat: add compat kernel checker and downloader

This adds get-compat-kernels, a utility that is intended
to be Linux distribution agnostic that downloads and installs
all kernel headers for all supported kernel releases of compat.
You also have the option of specifying you want to also install
the actual kernel image (get-compat-kernels -i).

We start off by adding support for Ubuntu on x86_64 as that
is what a few of us maintaining compat and compat-wireless run.
Just for kernel headers (default run of get-compat-kernels),
you'll need currently 205 M of hard drive space.

Once done with running get-compat-kernels, you can then
start running ckmake to verify your compat kernel changes
won't bust compilation against any known supported kernel.

I'd like to start requiring runs against this script for
patch submissions. Eventually we can try to add the same
runs against compat-wireless so we can verify integrity
against compilation for different kernel versions.

Support for different Linux distributios is welcomed.

Debug log goes out to ckmake.log

Example output:

mcgrof@tux ~/compat (git::master)$ ckmake
Trying kernel                  3.3.0-030300rc2-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                     3.2.2-030202-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    3.1.10-030110-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    3.0.18-030018-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.39-02063904-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                         2.6.38-8-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.38-13-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.38-12-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.38-11-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.38-10-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.38-02063808-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.37-02063706-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.36-02063604-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.35-02063512-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.34-02063410-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.33-02063305-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.32-02063255-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.31-22-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.31-02063113-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.30-02063010-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.29-02062906-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.28-02062810-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.27-020627-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.26-020626-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.25-020625-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.24-020624-generic  [OK]

Signed-off-by: Luis R. Rodriguez <>
bin/ckmake [new file with mode: 0755]
bin/get-compat-kernels [new file with mode: 0755]