2015-01-21 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'ofed_3_12' of git:// ofed_3_12
2015-01-21 Rupert DanceUpdated OFED_release_notes and others for OFED 3.12...
2014-12-04 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded changelog for OFED-3.12-1-rc4
2014-10-14 Rupert DanceFixed a minor typo in the Known issues - bug #
2014-10-13 Rupert DanceUpdated files for OFED 3.12-1 RC3
2014-09-16 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN for 3.12-1-rc2
2014-09-10 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated README
2014-08-31 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded XEON-PHI info
2014-08-26 Rupert DanceUpdated OFED_release_notes for OFED 3.12-1 RC1
2014-05-29 Rupert DanceUpdated ocrdma_release_notes as per Devesh Sharma
2014-05-29 Rupert DanceAdded ocrdma__release_notes for OFED 3.12-1
2014-05-27 Rupert DanceUpdated OFED_release_notes for OFED 3.12 GA
2014-05-25 Jeffrey C.... Updated NFSoRDMA release notes for OFED 3.12
2014-05-25 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'ofed_3_12' of git://
2014-05-25 Rupert DanceMerge branch 'ofed_3_12' of git://
2014-05-25 Bart Van AsscheAdd OFED 3.12 SRP release notes
2014-05-24 Rupert DanceUpdated infiniband-diags, ibacm and rdma_cm release...
2014-05-23 Mike MarciniszynUpdate qib/psm/qperf release notes for 3.12
2014-05-19 Rupert DanceUpdated uDAPL release notes from Arlin Davis
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED_release_notes.txt for OFED-3.12-rc3
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated ipoib_release_notes
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated ofed.conf-example
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded patches for SLES11 SP3 dhcp to support IPoIB...
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate OFED build procedure
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyRemoved Troubleshooting.txt
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED_tips.txt
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated README.txt
2014-05-19 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded mlx4/mlx5 release notes
2014-05-19 Rupert DanceUpdated opensm release notes from Hal Rosenstock
2014-05-18 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated mstflint release notes
2014-05-18 Steve Wisecxgb4 release notes
2014-05-18 Steve Wisenfsrdma/cxgb4 release notes.
2014-05-16 Tatyana E.... RDMA/nes: Updated nes release notes for OFED-3.12
2014-05-08 Rupert DanceUpdated OFED_release_notes.txt for 3.12-rc2
2014-03-03 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Updated with the new version...
2014-02-24 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN with new packages
2014-02-05 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED release notes
2013-12-23 Rupert DanceUpdated documentation for OFED 3.5-2 GA ofed_3_5
2013-12-11 Rupert DanceUpdated documentation for OFED 3.5-2 RC3
2013-10-28 Rupert DanceUpdated Documentation for OFED 3.5-2 RC2
2013-09-16 Rupert DanceUpdated Documentation for OFED 3.5-2 RC1
2013-09-15 Rupert DanceUpdated notes for OFED 3.5-1 GA
2013-09-13 Rupert DanceUpdated OFED_release_notes for OFED 3.5-1 GA
2013-08-19 Rupert DanceSigned-off-by: Rupert Dance <>
2013-02-14 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated docs for OFED-3.5
2013-01-29 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN for 3.5-rc6
2013-01-21 Dean LuickUpdate PSM and Third Party Packages version numbers
2013-01-21 Dean LuickUpdate qperf version number
2013-01-17 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN for 3.5-rc5
2013-01-03 Mike MarciniszynMore QLogic -> Intel changes
2013-01-03 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN for 3.5-rc4
2013-01-03 Tatyana NikolovaRDMA/nes: Update to OFED-3.5 nes release notes
2012-12-21 Mike MarciniszynUpdate release notes QLogic -> Intel
2012-12-21 Mike MarciniszynIB/{qib,psm}: update releasenotes
2012-12-11 Tatyana NikolovaRDMA/nes: Updated release notes
2012-12-11 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN for OFED-3.5-rc3
2012-12-10 Vipul PandyaModify cxgb4 release notes
2012-10-03 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Updated for OFED-3.5-rc2
2012-08-06 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Updated for OFED-3.5-rc1
2012-08-06 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_tips.txt: Fixed examples to match OFED-3.5
2012-08-06 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated ofed.conf-example
2012-08-06 Vladimir SokolovskyRemove release notes for unsupported packages
2012-08-06 Vladimir SokolovskyRemove as obsolete
2012-06-06 Vladimir SokolovskyRemove ofa_kernel.changelog.txt ofed_3_2
2012-06-06 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate OFED-3.2 RN and README
2012-02-08 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN
2012-02-07 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated changelog
2012-01-31 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate ofa_kernel changelog
2012-01-30 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate RN
2012-01-24 Tatyana NikolovaRDMA/nes: Update nes release notes
2012-01-23 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated documentation for
2012-01-19 Mike MarciniszynRelease notes updates for 1.5.4.
2011-12-05 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated docs for 1.5.4
2011-12-05 Vladimir SokolovskyAdd ofa_kernel.changelog.txt
2011-12-05 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN
2011-12-05 Jeff BeckerNFSRDMA: release notes
2011-12-01 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN
2011-11-30 Tatyana NikolovaRDMA/nes: Update nes release notes
2011-11-21 Vipul PandyaAdd cxgb4 Release notes
2011-11-10 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN
2011-10-28 Jonathan PerkinsUpdated mvapich2 release notes
2011-10-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN
2011-07-25 Vladimir SokolovskyAdd SLES10SP4 to OFED RN
2011-07-24 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate ib-bonding README
2011-07-24 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate mstflint RN
2011-07-24 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN
2011-03-16 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED Rn for
2011-03-15 Or Gerlitzfixed spelling mistakes
2011-03-10 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN with new packages
2011-03-10 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED release notes
2011-03-10 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated mlx4 documentation for OFED-1.5.3
2011-03-10 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate IPoIB RN for OFED-1.5.3
2011-03-08 Yevgeny KliteynikUpdated ibutils RN
2011-03-08 Vladimir Sokolovskyofed-docs: Fix URL
2011-03-08 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN
2011-03-08 Jonathan PerkinsUpdated mvapich2 RN
2011-03-08 Alex NetesUpdated opensm RN
2011-03-07 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdate example of ofed.conf
2011-03-01 Davis, Arlin RDAPL: updated release notes for OFED-1.5.3
2011-02-28 Vladimir SokolovskyFix SDP RN