Updated list of supported OSes and kernels
[~aditr/ofed_scripts.git] /
2018-05-02 Vladimir Updated list of supported OSes and kernels
2018-03-05 Vladimir Ignore firmware in compat-rdma-content
2018-02-08 Jay Sternbergadd --with-rdmavt-mod for qib
2018-01-23 Adit RanadiveAdd VMware Paravirtual RDMA Driver as an installable...
2018-01-19 Adit RanadiveRemove vmw_pvrdma tech preview install option
2017-12-18 Vladimir Added rdma-core-devel dependency for the...
2017-12-18 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert " Enable bnxt_re on supported OSes...
2017-12-18 Vladimir Added compat-rdma-firmware package
2017-12-05 Vladimir Enable bnxt_re on supported OSes only
2017-12-05 Vladimir Updated rdma-core dependencies
2017-12-05 Vladimir Remove requirement on the specific cmake...
2017-12-05 Vladimir Added support for SLES12 SP3
2017-12-04 Vladimir Added RHEL7.4 support
2017-09-25 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded support for rdma-core new packaging format
2017-09-19 Vladimir Added support for using source RPM per...
2017-09-01 Vladimir Enable nfsrdma on RHEL7.3 and SLES12 SP2
2017-08-23 Selvin XavierFix syntax error after libbnxt_re-rdmav2
2017-08-22 Selvin XavierAdd bnxt_re support
2017-08-04 Ram AmraniAdd qedr
2017-06-08 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert " disable QIB driver on kernel 4.8"
2017-06-01 Vladimir disable QIB driver on kernel 4.8
2017-05-25 Vladimir Disable inband support for mstflint
2017-05-25 Tatyana Nikolovaofed-scripts: Enable iwpmd for iWarp drivers
2017-05-05 Vladimir Set availability for qib module
2017-03-15 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'for-vlad' of git://
2017-03-15 rajlaxmi angadiofed-scripts: Fixing the variable for NVMe-oF modules...
2017-03-15 Tatyana Nikolovaofed-scripts: Add i40iw to install script
2017-03-14 Adit RanadiveAdd support for VMware PVRDMA user driver
2017-03-13 rajlaxmi angadiofed-scripts: Modified script to restrict...
2017-03-02 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-03-02 Steve Uninstall Chelsio packages
2017-02-24 Rajalaxmi Angadiadd nvme to
2017-02-21 Jay Sternbergcorrect handling of select menu
2017-02-16 Adit Add vmw_pvrdma to list of kernel modules
2017-01-30 Vladimir Request ninja on SLES12.x only
2017-01-23 Vladimir Require cmake >= 3.5 on SLES12
2017-01-16 Vladimir Disable nfsrdma
2016-12-04 Vladimir Force infiniband-diags installation due...
2016-11-20 Vladimir Fix dependencies
2016-11-20 Vladimir Integrate rdma-core package instead of...
2016-11-07 Vladimir Added RHEL7.3
2016-10-10 Vladimir Added SLES12 SP2 support
2016-10-10 Vladimir SokolovskyDisable mthca
2016-10-09 Vladimir Disable ocrdma and libocrdma packages
2016-08-28 Vladimir Add support for kernels up to 4.8
2016-05-23 Jay Sternbergadd dependency check to
2016-01-03 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded SLES12.1 and RHEL7.2 support
2015-10-19 Vladimir Fixed rpmbuild parameter
2015-10-19 Vladimir Fixed infinipath-psm dependencies
2015-10-13 Vladimir Sokolovskyinfinipath-psm depends on libibscif when '--with-xeon...
2015-10-07 Vladimir Fixed infinioath-psm installation with...
2015-09-01 Vladimir Disable ib_srp kernel module on PPC64
2015-08-03 Sean Enable libfabric for all platforms
2015-06-11 Vladimir Restrict fabtest to x86_64 due to dependenc...
2015-06-10 Vladimir SokolovskySet libfabric to be available on x86_64 only
2015-05-31 Vladimir Sokolovskyinstall: remove libnl3 requirement and enable libfabric...
2015-05-25 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded SLES11.4 and RHEL6.7 support
2015-05-11 Vladimir Sokolovskyinstall: Added opensm-libs3 to the list of in-box RPMs...
2015-05-04 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded fabtests support
2015-04-07 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert " Disable nfsrdma on RHEL6 and kernel...
2015-03-30 Vladimir Disable nfsrdma on RHEL6 and kernel 3.18
2015-03-16 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert: " Disable nfsrdma on SLES11 SP3"
2015-03-11 Vladimir Disable cxgbi drivers as not supported...
2015-03-11 Vladimir Fix typo
2015-03-11 Vladimir Disable nfsrdma on SLES11 SP3
2015-03-11 Vladimir Fix libfabric availability
2015-03-11 Vladimir infiniband-diags is now dependent on libude...
2015-03-04 Vladimir Fixed dependency on libnl
2015-03-03 pmmccormadd libfabric
2015-01-11 Vladimir Added RHEL7.1
2015-01-08 Vladimir Remove unused code
2015-01-05 Vladimir Updated list of RPMs coming with Distros
2014-12-14 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'ofed_3_12' into ofed_3_18
2014-11-19 Vladimir Added cxgb3/4i to the list of ulp modules
2014-11-06 Kyle Build intel-mic-psm as needed
2014-11-03 Tatyana E. NikolovaAdding libiwpm to the OFED-3.18 install script
2014-11-02 Vladimir Added new parameters for kernel source...
2014-11-02 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'ofed_3_12' into ofed_3_18
2014-10-28 Jubin Remove kernel version check for qib/ipathverbs
2014-10-27 Vladimir Added support for kernels up to 3.18
2014-10-20 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert " Disable infinipath-psm on RHEL7...
2014-09-29 Vladimir Disable infinipath-psm on RHEL7 and SLES12
2014-09-29 Vladimir Added RHEL6.6 support
2014-08-18 Vladimir Removed trailing whitespaces
2014-08-18 Vladimir Fix ibutils configuration parameters on...
2014-08-14 Vladimir SokolovskyRevert " Disable dapl-debuginfo"
2014-08-12 Phil Caytonadd xeon-phi as tech preview
2014-08-06 Vladimir Disable dapl-debuginfo
2014-06-17 Vladimir Added SLES12 support
2014-06-17 Vladimir SokolovskySet local language to en_US.UTF-8
2014-06-16 Vladimir Enable iser
2014-03-19 Vladimir Added RHEL7 support
2014-03-17 Vladimir mstflint depends on libibmad
2014-02-17 Vladimir Temporary skip dependency check for libmlx4
2014-01-23 Vladimir Added RHEL6.5 support
2014-01-23 Vladimir Added '--without-<package>' parameter support
2013-11-11 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded ocrdma kernel module support
2013-11-11 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded libocrdma support
2013-11-07 Vladimir Added mlx5 support
2013-11-07 Vladimir Updated for OFED-3.12