descriptionmstflint repository
ownerAdrian Chiris (Mellanox)
last changeTue, 24 Oct 2017 18:48:58 +0000 (21:48 +0300)
2017-10-24 Adrian ChirisTitle: Deprecation of mstflint repository master
2017-01-30 Adrian Chirisadded a notification that mstflint repository has moved...
2016-08-04 Adrian Chirisfixed compilation issues with gcc6
2016-08-25 Adrian ChirisFix spelling errors appearing in binaries
2016-08-25 Mehdi DogguyFix spelling errors in mstflint.1
2016-05-24 Adrian Chirisupdated debian changelog
2016-05-23 Adrian Chirisupdated mstflint man page
2016-05-23 Dan GoldbergAdded Wind River support to hca_self_test
2016-05-19 Dan GoldbergFixed release version in spec.
2016-05-19 Mohammad Sawalhaused the flag -enable-dynamic-ld=yes in PPC64LE
2016-05-18 Mohammad SawalhaDanG: Fixed compilation error when NO_INBAND is defined
2016-05-18 Mohammad SawalhaMoved mtcr_ul/mtcr_mf.h to include/mtcr_ul/mtcr_mf.h
2016-05-18 Adham MasarwahFix HCA SELF TEST to support PPC device with Domain
2016-05-18 Adrian ChirisPorted MFT-4.4.0 changes
2016-05-15 Adrian ChirisMerge branch 'master_devel' of ssh://git.openfabrics...
2016-05-29 Adrian Chirisremoved dynamic-ld flag from ppc64le and added requirem...
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