compat: move PWD definition early
authorLuis R. Rodriguez <>
Fri, 30 Mar 2012 21:42:17 +0000 (14:42 -0700)
committerLuis R. Rodriguez <>
Fri, 30 Mar 2012 21:47:54 +0000 (14:47 -0700)
This prevents bogus calls of our scripts.

mcgrof@tux ~/compat (git::master)$ ckmake
Trying kernel                  3.3.0-030300rc2-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                     3.2.2-030202-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    3.1.10-030110-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    3.0.18-030018-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.39-02063904-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.38-13-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.38-02063808-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.37-02063706-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.36-02063604-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.35-02063512-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.34-02063410-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.33-02063305-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.32-02063255-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                        2.6.31-22-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.31-02063113-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.30-02063010-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.29-02062906-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                  2.6.28-02062810-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.27-020627-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.26-020626-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.25-020625-generic  [OK]
Trying kernel                    2.6.24-020624-generic  [OK]

Signed-off-by: Luis R. Rodriguez <>

index 570dd8bf0fa6f2086aed7cbb194b96dc3a82086b..8775294ca6a6faa9d31f2065fd1ad97d2d57548f 100644 (file)
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -7,9 +7,8 @@ export KLIB:=          /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)
 export KLIB_BUILD ?=    $(KLIB)/build
 export KLIB_BUILD ?=    $(KLIB)/build
-export PWD := $(shell pwd)
+export PWD := $(shell pwd)
 export COMPAT_BASE_TREE := "linux-next.git"
 # For this specific tree this is only relevant in
 # terms of the last time we synched code up with upstream
 export COMPAT_BASE_TREE := "linux-next.git"
 # For this specific tree this is only relevant in
 # terms of the last time we synched code up with upstream