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compat: backport netlink changes used in the nl80211 cleanup
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2010-05-17 Luis R. RodriguezFix the syntax for the defines passed for compat
2010-05-17 Luis R. RodriguezAdd a COMPAT_PROJECT tag
2010-05-17 Luis R. RodriguezAdd the COMPAT_BASE_TREE and COMPAT_BASE_TREE_VERSION
2010-05-17 Luis R. Rodriguezcompat: add compat_version read-only module parameter compat-20100517
2010-01-20 Luis R. RodriguezInstall udev rules and scripts needed for compat_firmwa...
2010-01-19 Luis R. RodriguezOnly build compat_firmware_class if CONFIG_FW_LOADER...
2010-01-14 Luis R. RodriguezExport CONFIG_COMPAT_FIRMWARE_CLASS
2010-01-14 Luis R. RodriguezEnable 2.6.33 compatibility
2010-01-14 Luis R. RodriguezEnable the compat_firmware_class to be built only on...
2009-12-11 Luis R. RodriguezRename compat.h to compat-2.6.h
2009-12-10 Luis R. RodriguezRearrange module order for easy placement on external...
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeTrailing space nits
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.21
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.19
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.18
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.14
2009-11-21 Luis R. RodriguezAdd new kernel compatibilty module code