2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezSimple compile warning fix for pm-qos
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezBackport pm-qos for kernels <= 2.6.24
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezFix compilation warning on iface.c
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezRemove duplicate __dev_addr_sync() and __dev_addr_sync...
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezMake kobject_set_name_vargs() do nothing on <= 2.6.24
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezAdd few missing misc defines for compilation on 2.6.25
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezAdd missing headers for 2.6.24 and 2.6.25
2009-12-29 Hauke Mehrtenscompat: Backport eth_mac_addr
2009-12-29 Hauke Mehrtenscompat: backport kfifo for libertas
2009-12-29 Hauke Mehrtenscompat: Backport pcmcia from 2.6.33
2009-12-12 Luis R. RodriguezBackport netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align
2009-12-11 Luis R. RodriguezAdd a backport for flush_delayed_work()
2009-12-11 Luis R. RodriguezAdd some new 2.6.33 backport code for networking
2009-12-11 Luis R. RodriguezRename compat.h to compat-2.6.h
2009-12-10 Luis R. RodriguezFix 2.6.31 build: iw_handler needs asm/compat.h
2009-12-10 Luis R. RodriguezRearrange module order for easy placement on external...
2009-12-10 Luis R. RodriguezUpdate based on newer stuff on compat-wireless
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeTrailing space nits
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd `enum nf_inet_hooks'
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd more `skb->dst' accessors
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd compatibility call for dev_get_stats()
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd posix SHUT_RD/SHUT_WR/SHUT_RDWR macros
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd compatibility macro for register_sysctl_table()
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.21
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd compatibility call for kmem_cache_destroy()
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.19
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd roundup() compatibility macro
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.18
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd typedef for `gfp_t'
2009-12-01 Arnaud LacombeAdd skeleton for 2.6.14
2009-11-21 Luis R. RodriguezAdd COPYRIGHT from the kernel
2009-11-21 Luis R. RodriguezAdd new kernel compatibilty module code