be2net: backport fixes for RHEL 7.2
[~emulex/tmp/compat-rdma/.git] / configure
2015-11-09 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Fixed autoconf.h path vofed-3.18-1
2015-03-04 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'qib_318_backport' of git://openfabrics...
2015-03-04 Vladimir SokolovskyImprove creation of openib.conf
2015-03-04 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure/make: Fix path to autoconf.h and remove config.h
2015-03-02 rootRemove cxgbi drivers
2015-02-16 pmmccormRemove modupdate logic from spec. It has been a no...
2015-02-16 pmmccormWrite out openib.conf from configure script.
2015-01-06 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Added '--force-autogen' parameter
2015-01-05 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure/makefile: Cleanup NFSRDMA configuration param...
2015-01-05 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure/makefile: Add ISER target support
2014-12-14 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Added '--skip-autoconf' parameter
2014-11-24 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Fixed linux-obj parameter parsing
2014-11-04 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'master' of git://flatbed.openfabrics...
2014-11-02 Vladimir Sokolovskyofed_scripts: Pass correct kernel source/obj parameters
2014-11-02 Vladimir Sokolovskyofed_scripts: Set correct kernel source/obj directory
2014-10-27 Vladimir Sokolovskymake: Use config.h created by autotools
2014-10-27 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Use check_autofconf to verify kernel configu...
2014-09-10 Jay Sternbergxeon-phi: correct configure file for correct -with...
2014-08-12 Phil Caytonadd xeon-phi as tech preview
2014-01-29 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded benet support compat-rdma-2014-01-30
2013-12-10 Vladimir SokolovskyAdded support for CONFIG_SCSI_SRP_ATTRS
2013-11-11 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure/makefile: Added support for mlx5 and ocrdma
2012-08-05 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Fix ARCH definition for ppc64 and x86
2012-02-22 Vladimir SokolovskyAdd OFED's kernel installation environment