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last changeMon, 15 Feb 2016 09:22:02 +0000 (01:22 -0800)
2016-02-15 Naga Irrinkirdma.m4: be2net backport for RHEL 7.2 ofed
2016-01-28 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat: Added macros and headers to support for RHEL7.2 origin/HEAD origin/ofed
2015-09-01 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated config.guess and config.sub vofed-3.18-1 vofed-3.18-1-rc1
2015-06-09 Vladimir Sokolovskyrdma.m4: Fixed typo vofed-3.18
2015-06-08 Erez Shitritcompat: handle function netif_set_real_num_rx_queues...
2015-05-25 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat: PTR_RET is backported in RHEL6.7
2015-05-25 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat: Mask seq_user_ns as RHEL6.7 backports it
2015-05-25 Vladimir Sokolovskyrdma.m4: Update pci_bus_speed/width test
2015-05-25 Vladimir SokolovskyMask proto_ports_offset if defined in kernel
2015-05-21 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat/3.9: switch to check pick_tx and set_xps_queue...
2015-05-21 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat/compat-3.5.c: Fixed double lock in dev_mc_add_excl
2015-05-21 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat-3.7.h: Cleanup
2015-05-21 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat-3.6.h: Cleanup
2015-05-21 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat-3.2.h: Avoid module_platform_driver redefinition
2015-05-21 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat-3.1.h: Avoid ip_is_fragment redefinition
2015-05-18 Devesh SharmaOFED/compat: modify rdma.m4 to fix ofed-bz2539
4 years ago vofed-3.18-1 OFED-3.18-1
5 years ago vofed-3.18 OFED-3.18
5 years ago vofed-3.18-1-rc1 OFED-3.18-1-rc1
6 years ago vofed-3.12-1-rc3
6 years ago vofed-3.12
6 years ago compat-2014-01-30 compat for OFED-3.12-2014-01-30
7 years ago vofed-3.5-x
8 years ago compat-2012-07-02 Compat for OFED-3.5 20120702
8 years ago compat-2011-11-08 Synchs with linux-next tag next...
9 years ago compat-2011-09-28 Synchs with next-20110928
9 years ago compat-v3.0-2 First tag for 3.0
9 years ago compat-v3.0-1
9 years ago compat-2011-05-23 Synchs with next-20110523
9 years ago compat-2011-05-19 Last updated
9 years ago v2.6.39-rc1-2 Fixes by Hauke
9 years ago v2.6.39-rc1-1 first release
4 years ago ofed