2016-01-22 Kaike WanIbacm: Check the presence of header files for netlink... master
2015-12-10 Kaike Wanibacm: Change default pkey for partitioned fabrics...
2015-11-10 Kaike Wanibacm: Add support for pathrecord query through netlink
2015-07-30 Sean Heftyv1.1.0
2015-07-30 Sean HeftyAdd missing ibacm_prov man page to install
2015-07-29 Sean Heftyacmp: Specify SGID in PR query
2015-06-17 Ilya Nelkenbaumacme.c: Fix IPv6 address handling in inet_any_pton
2015-03-25 Kaike Wanibacm: Use pkey 0xffff or 0x7fff for SA query
2015-01-07 Kaike Wanibacm: open only prov endpoints with name/addr configured
2014-12-15 John Fleckibacm: Search the pthread and dynamic linker/loader...
2014-12-03 Kaike Wanibacm: incorrect ifc_len is specified in SIOCGIFCONF...
2014-12-03 Kaike Wanibacm/ibacmp: fix a crash when SM restarts
2014-12-03 Kaike Wanibacm: close the provider endpoint when it fails to...
2014-12-03 Kaike Wanibacmp: missing '%' in acm_log format
2014-07-17 Kaike Wanibacm: Incorrect return value check in path resolution
2014-07-07 Kaike Wanibacm: define prov_lib_path as a char array
2014-06-20 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: export a function to increment performance...
2014-06-20 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: export a function to return config file...
2014-06-20 Kaike Wanibacm: add provider man page
2014-06-20 Kaike Wanibacm: update man page
2014-06-16 Kaike Wanibacm: add provider man page prov
2014-06-16 Kaike Wanib_acme: update man page
2014-06-16 Kaike Wanibacm: update man page
2014-06-13 Kaike Wanib_acme: Add support for endpoint specific performance...
2014-06-13 Kaike Wanibacm: support performance query by endpoint index
2014-06-13 Kaike Wanib_acme: enumerate endpoints
2014-06-13 Kaike Wanibacm: enumerate endpoint
2014-06-12 Kaike Wanibacm: remove unnecessary locking
2014-06-11 Kaike Wanibacm: Add support for multiple subnets per provider
2014-06-11 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Add a gid cache for each port
2014-06-10 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Call provider remove_address with address...
2014-06-10 Kaike Wanibacm: Fix a log option error
2014-06-10 Kaike Wanibacm: Add support for endpoint performance query
2014-06-10 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: add endpoint specific counters.
2014-06-09 Kaike Wanibacm: Handle pkey/lid/gid change
2014-06-09 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Change the provider to use the core SA...
2014-06-04 Sean Heftyibacm: Centralize provider SA access in core.
2014-06-04 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Free send messages in the timeout list
2014-06-03 Sean Heftyib_acme: Update option file to display configure path
2014-06-03 Kaike Wanibacm: Assign a provider to a port.
2014-06-03 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: split the acm.c into core and provider.
2014-06-03 Kaike Wanibacm: Add umad_done to match umad_init.
2014-06-03 Kaike Wanibacm: Define config, bin, and prov lib path in configu...
2014-05-16 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Move support_ips_in_addr_cfg from prov...
2014-05-16 Kaike Wanibacm: Add functions to load/unload provider.
2014-05-15 Kaike Wanibacm: Export variables and functions
2014-05-15 Sean Heftyibacm: Change acm_query_response to take the response...
2014-05-15 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Make the retry handler thread cancellable.
2014-05-15 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Move acm_mad.h from src/ to include/
2014-05-15 Kaike Wanibacm: Split acm_resolve_response to eliminate referenc...
2014-05-15 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Pass addr_context into provider resolve...
2014-05-15 Sean Heftyibacm/prov: add add_address and remove_address functions.
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: Separate device/port/ep init/shutdown paths...
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: Rename acm_client as acmc_client
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: Rename acm_addr as acmc_addr
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: Rename acm_ep as acmc_ep
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: Rename acm_port as acmc_port
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: Rename acm_device as acmc_device
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm: port/ep cleanup after shutdown
2014-05-14 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: acquire sa_dest lock before accessing SA
2014-05-13 Kaike Wanibacm: Open a provider ep only if an address is assigne...
2014-05-05 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Re-initialize the multicast dest before...
2014-04-16 Kaike WanIbacm/prov: Rename provider related option defines...
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm: Fix the incorrect return type of acm_convert_add...
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Rename provider specific structures and...
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Rename some provider related functions
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm/prov: Separate provider config options from those...
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm: Rename acm_dest as acmp_dest
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm: Eliminate device event handler thread.
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm: Define separate structures for acm devices
2014-04-16 Kaike Wanibacm: Eliminate compiling warning "ignoring return...
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Provide correct addr_len for IPv6
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Define separate structures for acm ports
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Convert ibacm server code to use acm_ep
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Convert acm_addr_index call to return address
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Divide struct acmp_ep into two structures
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Move ep state check
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Define struct acm_address
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Add basic provider framework
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Define provider endpoint identifier
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Change client parameter to req id in resp calls
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Rename data structures
2014-04-16 Sean Heftyibacm: Function renames
2014-04-09 Sean Heftyibacm: Fix invalid memory dereference in acm_process_jo...
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Restructure acm_port_join
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Store the base GID with acm_port
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Reset endpoint state on error
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Change base endpoint name
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Record index for source and destination addresses
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Relocate client refcnt
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Eliminate strict aliasing compiler warnings
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Rename client array
2014-04-08 Sean Heftyibacm: Release the refcnt on the correct client
2014-04-08 Sean HeftyMerge branch 'ira-name-res3'
2014-04-08 Ira Weinyibacm: by default remove processing of IP's from ibacm_...
2014-04-08 Ira Weinyibacm: ib_acme remove IP addresses from ibacm_addr...
2014-04-08 Ira Weinyibacm: Fix handling of aliased IPoIB devices
2014-04-08 Ira Weinyibacm: Add/remove addr's in EP's when added/removed...
2014-04-08 Ira Weinyibacm: Add Netlink socket to monitor IP address changes
2014-04-08 Ira Weinyibacm: read system IP's into endpoints at startup