2012-06-07 Bart Van AsscheFix a compiler warnings with NVALGRIND master
2011-12-22 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1.6 release
2011-12-19 Dotan BarakFix memory leaks in various error flows
2011-12-13 Marcel ApfelbaumAdd support to ibv_devinfo for displaying extended...
2011-11-11 Roland DreierDebian: Don't use brace expansion for {a,so} in libibve...
2011-08-11 Bart Van AsscheMakefile.am: Fix an automake warning
2011-08-11 Bart Van AsscheAdd "foreign" option to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzUpdate examples for IBoE
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAdd GID change event
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzUpdate kernel API header to include link_layer
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAdd link_layer field port attribute
2011-06-30 Roland DreierUpdate Debian Standards-Version to 3.9.2
2011-06-30 Roland DreierDon't ship .la files in Debian libibverbs-dev
2011-06-30 Roland DreierPackage description shouldn't start with an article
2011-06-30 Julien BLACHEdebian/libibverbs1.postinst: Let debhelper code run...
2011-06-28 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1.5 release
2011-06-28 Alexander SchmidtHandle huge pages in ibv_fork_init() and madvise tracking
2011-06-28 Roland DreierSet DM-Upload-Allowed now that Roland is a Debian Maint...
2011-06-17 Dotan BarakFix date format in RPM spec file changelog
2011-05-31 Yann Droneaudread_config_file: ignore driver line without driver...
2011-05-27 Roland DreierFix crash if no devices and ibv_get_device_list() is...
2010-12-15 Tom TuckerAdd AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to fix libtool configure warning
2010-12-09 Jason GunthorpeFix autotools to include the necessary m4 files
2010-06-03 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1.4 release
2010-06-03 Roland DreierSmall configure.in modernizations
2010-06-03 Roland DreierDebian: Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 format
2010-06-02 Hakon BuggeForce line-buffering in ibv_asyncwatch
2010-05-16 Sean HeftyAdd path record definitions to sa.h
2010-04-21 Alex VainmanUndo changes in memory range tree when madvise() fails
2010-03-19 Alex VainmanFix incorrect splits/merges in the memory tree when...
2010-03-19 Alex VainmanIncrement node refcount in ibv_madvise_range() only...
2010-03-19 Alex VainmanFactor out range handling in ibv_madvise_range()
2009-11-11 Roland DreierUpdate Debian build rules so -dbg package isn't empty
2009-10-31 Roland DreierUse proper build dependency version in debian control...
2009-10-29 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1.3 release
2009-10-29 Roland DreierMerge Fedora spec file changes
2009-10-29 Roland DreierRewrite GID output in ibv_devinfo to avoid type punning...
2009-10-29 Jason GunthorpeReturn errors from ibv_get_device_list() via errno
2009-10-29 Jason GunthorpeFix double free in find_sysfs_devs()
2009-10-28 Jeff SquyresShow transport (IB vs. iWARP) type in ibv_devinfo
2009-09-14 Robert PearsonFix fall-through bug in options case in pingpong examples
2009-09-14 Jason GunthorpeDo not use enum types for bit flags
2009-09-02 Roland DreierUpdate Debian Standards-Version to 3.8.3
2009-09-02 Roland DreierChange Debian build system from cdbs to debhelper 7
2009-08-24 Roland DreierUse AC_GNU_SOURCE in configure.in instead of -D_GNU_SOU...
2009-08-24 Roland DreierEnable quiet build rules with automake 1.11+
2009-08-24 Roland DreierRevert "Update build system to use shave"
2009-07-22 Jason GunthorpeMake the gid argument to ibv_attach_mcast and ibv_detac...
2009-07-16 Jason GunthorpeAllow config file paths to the driver library to be...
2009-06-25 Roland DreierMerge branch 'stable'
2009-06-25 Roland DreierUpdate Debian policy version to 3.8.2
2009-06-25 Roland DreierMove -dbg Debian package to section debug
2009-06-24 Roland DreierUpdate build system to use shave
2008-11-04 Dotan BarakUpdate Dotan's email
2008-08-20 Shirley MaImplement PPC wmb() with sync instead of eieio
2008-06-25 Roland DreierRevert conversion of ibv_devinfo to use ibv_port_state_...
2008-05-28 Dotan BarakCode formatting cleanups
2008-04-21 Roland DreierUpdate Debian packaging to include new manpage symlinks
2008-04-19 Roland DreierInclude NMU changes for version 1.1.1-1.1 in Debian...
2008-04-18 Roland DreierChange .nl macro in man pages to .sp
2008-04-18 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1.2 release
2008-04-18 Roland DreierAdd RPM dependency on base package to -devel package
2008-04-18 Roland DreierCorrect typo ibv_mult_to_rate -> mult_to_ibv_rate in...
2008-04-18 Ira WeinyAdd functions to convert enum values to strings
2008-04-18 Roland DreierUpdate various text to talk about general RDMA, not...
2008-03-31 Roland DreierFix download directory in RPM spec file
2008-03-19 Dotan BarakAdd command line parameter to set SL for pingpong examples
2008-03-12 Roland DreierAdd debian/watch file
2008-03-10 Troy BenjegerdesFix valgrind false positive in ibv_create_comp_channel()
2008-02-18 Or GerlitzDocument IBV_SEND_INLINE buffer ownership
2008-02-18 Dotan BarakFixes for man pages
2008-02-18 Dotan BarakFix some issues in the examples
2008-02-15 Dotan BarakFix several valgrind false positives
2008-02-12 Roland DreierPut correct version information in Debian shlibs
2008-01-24 Roland DreierConvert hyphen to minus sign in ibv_query_pkey man...
2008-01-21 Roland DreierUse real Homepage: tag instead of pseudo-header inside...
2007-12-03 Roland DreierUpdate Debian policy version to 3.7.3
2007-11-20 Roland DreierAlways return valid bad_wr on error from ibv_post_...
2007-10-26 Roland DreierFix spec file License: tag
2007-10-09 swelch@systemfabricw... Set ibv_device->node_type when allocating device
2007-08-13 Dotan BarakInitialize reserved attributes in modify QP command
2007-07-10 Roland DreierFix too-big madvise() call in ibv_madvise_range()
2007-07-03 Roland DreierFix Valgrind annotations so they can actually be built
2007-07-03 Roland DreierClean up NVALGRIND comment in config.h.in
2007-06-26 Roland DreierAdd <stdint.h> to <infiniband/arch.h>
2007-06-21 Roland DreierRemove deprecated ${Source-Version} from debian/control
2007-06-15 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1.1 release
2007-06-03 Roland DreierMerge branch 'master' into stable
2007-06-03 Jack MorgensteinInitialize QP state to RESET
2007-05-31 Roland DreierMerge branch 'master' into stable
2007-05-30 Michael S.... Don't warn root if RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is low
2007-05-17 Dotan Barakibv_devinfo: Decode max_vl_num to actual number
2007-05-17 Roland DreierAdd wc_wmb()
2007-05-03 Roland DreierFix call to ibv_free_device_list() in pingpong examples
2007-05-03 Roland DreierTrivial whitespace fixes in examples/
2007-04-28 Roland DreierUpdate Debian build
2007-04-12 Roland DreierMerge branches 'stable' and 'stable-1.0' into stable
2007-04-12 Roland DreierRoll libibverbs 1.1 release
2007-04-11 Roland DreierChange a few references from OpenIB to OpenFabrics
2007-04-09 Roland DreierFix ibv_srq_pingpong option handling