2013-03-18 Sean Heftylibmlx4: Add support for XRC QPs master xrc
2012-09-07 Yishai Hadaslibmlx4: Infra-structure changes to support verbs exten...
2012-03-28 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4 1.0.4 release
2012-03-28 Roland DreierUpdate maintainer now that I'm a DD
2012-03-26 Shawn BohrerAdd IBoE multicast support
2012-03-26 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4 1.0.3 release
2012-03-23 Or GerlitzFix IBoE SL -> 802.1Q priority-bits mapping
2012-03-23 Or GerlitzAdd link_layer field to mlx4 QPs
2012-03-23 Or GerlitzUse Ethernet 802.1Q VLAN-related fields in CQE
2012-03-07 Roland DreierFix possible missed completion event
2011-08-11 Roland DreierAdd "foreign" option to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAlign the list of supported ConnectX devices with kernel
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAdd IBoE UD/VLANs support
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAdd IBoE support
2011-07-07 Roland DreierMoving plugin out of /usr/lib means we now depend on...
2011-07-06 Roland DreierAcknowledge Debian NMU
2011-07-06 Roland DreierUpdate to Debian standards version 3.9.2
2011-07-06 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4 1.0.2 release
2011-07-06 Jason GunthorpeReturn ERRNO codes from ibv_post_send/recv instead...
2011-07-06 Roland DreierMove plugin .so to /usr/lib/libibverbs
2011-07-06 Roland DreierEnable quiet build rules with automake 1.11+
2011-07-06 Roland DreierRevert "Update build system to use shave"
2011-07-06 Roland DreierSmall configure.in modernizations
2011-07-06 Roland DreierChange Debian build system from cdbs to debhelper 7
2011-07-06 Roland DreierDon't ship .la files in Debian libmlx4-dev
2011-07-06 Roland DreierNote that we fix Debian bug about maintainer address...
2011-07-05 Roland DreierConvert to new 3.0 (quilt) source format.
2011-06-28 Roland DreierSet DM-Upload-Allowed now that Roland is a Debian Maint...
2011-04-26 Roland DreierPackage description shouldn't start with an article
2010-02-08 Jack MorgensteinInitialize SRQ scatter entries when creating an SRQ
2009-09-14 Jason GunthorpeUpdate function prototypes to match libibverbs enum...
2009-08-03 Sebastien DugueFix version in taball filename in RPM spec file
2009-08-03 Sebastien Duguemmap() needs some includes
2009-07-29 Sebastien DugueUse mmap(MAP_ANONYMOUS) to allocate queue buffers
2009-07-22 Jason GunthorpeRemove empty stubs for detach/attach_mcast
2009-06-17 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4-1.0.1 release
2009-06-17 Roland DreierMerge spec file changelog from Fedora
2009-06-17 Roland DreierMove -dbg Debian package to section debug
2009-06-17 Roland DreierUpdate build system to use shave
2009-06-17 Roland DreierUpdate Debian policy version to 3.8.2
2008-12-25 Jack MorgensteinSet ownership bit correctly when copying over CQEs...
2008-11-25 Jack MorgensteinFix race between create QP and destroy QP
2008-06-23 Eli CohenOptimize QP stamping
2008-04-23 Vladimir SokolovskyImplement resize CQ
2008-04-04 Roland DreierFix CQ cleanup when QP is destroyed
2008-03-31 Roland DreierChange openib.org URLs to openfabrics.org URLs
2008-03-12 Roland DreierAdd debian/watch file
2008-01-28 Roland DreierUpdate RPM spec changelog to avoid a macro
2008-01-28 Roland DreierSpec file cleanups based on Fedora review
2008-01-24 Jack MorgensteinDon't use memcpy() to write blueflame sends
2008-01-11 Dotan BarakFix value of pkey_index in QP1 completions
2008-01-10 Roland DreierRevert "Don't add an extra entry to CQs"
2008-01-04 Roland DreierMicro-optimize mlx4_poll_one()
2008-01-04 Jack MorgensteinFix test for GRH presence in mlx4_poll_one()
2007-12-18 Jack MorgensteinClear context struct at allocation time
2007-12-15 Roland DreierUse real Homepage: tag instead of pseudo-header inside...
2007-12-14 Roland DreierAdd Closes: tag for Debian ITP bug
2007-12-14 Roland DreierMove to using cdbs to generate Debian/control for bette...
2007-12-14 Roland DreierUpdate Debian version to 1.0-1
2007-12-09 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4 1.0 release
2007-12-03 Roland DreierUpdate summary line to mention "ConnectX" in Fedora...
2007-12-03 Roland DreierUpdate Debian policy version to 3.7.3
2007-12-01 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4-1.0-rc1 release
2007-12-01 Roland DreierUse DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_LIBTOOL to avoid setting RPATH
2007-11-30 Roland DreierMark "driver" file in sysconfdir with %config
2007-11-29 Roland DreierDon't add an extra entry to CQs
2007-11-29 Roland DreierUpdate download URL
2007-11-29 Roland DreierSlightly improve wording in README
2007-11-29 Jack Morgensteinmax_recv_wr must be > 0 for non-SRQ QPs
2007-11-29 Gleb NatapovReturn ENOSYS instead of -ENOSYS
2007-10-26 Roland DreierFix spec file License: tag
2007-10-23 Roland DreierChange __always_inline to inline
2007-10-22 Jack MorgensteinFix thinko in headroom marking order commit
2007-09-20 Jack MorgensteinFix data corruption triggered by wrong headroom marking...
2007-09-19 Roland DreierFactor out setting WQE segment entries
2007-09-11 Michael S.... Reset RQ doorbell counter to 0 when QP is reset
2007-08-21 Roland Dreierlibmlx4 has no ChangeLog, so remove mention from spec...
2007-08-21 Roland DreierKernel module is called mlx4_ib, not ib_mlx4
2007-08-08 Roland DreierRemove ibv_driver_init from linker version script
2007-07-28 Gleb NatapovFix inline sends with num_sge > 1
2007-07-18 Jack MorgensteinFill in send queue sizes in userspace query QP function
2007-07-10 Jack MorgensteinUse BlueFlame for RDMA_READ work requests too
2007-07-03 Roland DreierFix Valgrind annotations so they can actually be built
2007-07-03 Roland DreierClean up NVALGRIND comment in config.h.in
2007-07-03 Roland DreierAdd new device IDs for PCIe gen2 HCAs
2007-06-21 Roland DreierRemove deprecated ${Source-Version} from debian/control
2007-06-19 Roland DreierRemove private implementation of ibv_read_sysfs_file()
2007-06-18 Jack MorgensteinAdd a memory barrier before setting an inline data...
2007-06-16 Roland DreierFix returned max_inline_data QP cap
2007-06-14 Roland DreierMake sure inline segments in send WQEs don't cross...
2007-06-13 Jack MorgensteinHandle buffer wraparound in mlx4_cq_clean()
2007-06-13 Roland DreierHandle new FW requirement for send request prefetching
2007-06-11 Roland DreierMake sure RQs have max_recv_sge >= 1
2007-06-11 Jack MorgensteinFix problem with inline WQE in post_send error flow
2007-06-11 Eli CohenFix handling of wq->tail for send completions
2007-06-07 Roland DreierMake sure RQ allocation is always valid
2007-06-04 Eli CohenFix word size in doorbell allocator bitmaps
2007-05-29 Roland DreierFix max_send_sge and max_inline_data returned from...
2007-05-24 Roland DreierInitialize send queue entry ownership bits
2007-05-23 Roland DreierDon't allocate RQ doorbell if using SRQ