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ownerSean Hefty (Intel)
last changeMon, 18 Mar 2013 18:36:00 +0000 (11:36 -0700)
2013-03-18 Sean Heftylibmlx4: Add support for XRC QPs master xrc
2012-09-07 Yishai Hadaslibmlx4: Infra-structure changes to support verbs exten...
2012-03-28 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4 1.0.4 release
2012-03-28 Roland DreierUpdate maintainer now that I'm a DD
2012-03-26 Shawn BohrerAdd IBoE multicast support
2012-03-26 Roland DreierRoll libmlx4 1.0.3 release
2012-03-23 Or GerlitzFix IBoE SL -> 802.1Q priority-bits mapping
2012-03-23 Or GerlitzAdd link_layer field to mlx4 QPs
2012-03-23 Or GerlitzUse Ethernet 802.1Q VLAN-related fields in CQE
2012-03-07 Roland DreierFix possible missed completion event
2011-08-11 Roland DreierAdd "foreign" option to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAlign the list of supported ConnectX devices with kernel
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAdd IBoE UD/VLANs support
2011-07-26 Or GerlitzAdd IBoE support
2011-07-07 Roland DreierMoving plugin out of /usr/lib means we now depend on...
2011-07-06 Roland DreierAcknowledge Debian NMU
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