Perform completion event acknowledgments in batches instead
[~shefty/librdmacm.git] / src / rsocket.c
2014-09-29 Sreedhar KodaliPerform completion event acknowledgments in batches...
2014-09-04 Sean Heftyrsockets: Support calling listen multiple times on...
2014-09-04 Sasha Kotchubievskyrsocket: Index map item is cleaned before it is used...
2014-07-28 Ilya Nelkenbaumrsocket: Segmentation fault fix in case of multiple...
2014-07-07 Sean HeftyRevert "Revert "rsocket: Change keepalive to 0-byte...
2014-07-03 Sean Heftyrsocket: Update correct rsocket keepalive time
2014-07-03 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix removing rsocket from service thread
2014-07-02 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix crash resulting from keepalive timeout
2014-06-21 Sean HeftyRevert "rsocket: Change keepalive to 0-byte RDMA write"
2014-06-20 Hal Rosenstockrsocket: Add support for RDMA_ROUTE option in rgetsockopt
2014-06-18 Sean HeftyMerge branch 'dev'
2014-06-18 Susan K. Coulterrsocket: Change keepalive to 0-byte RDMA write
2014-06-18 Hal Rosenstockrsocket: Use malloc instead of calloc
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Relax requirement for minimal inline data
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Modify when control messages are available
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Dedicate a fixed number of SQEs for control...
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Check max inline data after creating QP
2014-03-06 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix sbuf_bytes_avail counter 'overrun' with...
2014-03-05 Hal Rosenstockrsocket: Return EBADF on bad rsocket fd
2014-01-17 Susan K. Coulterrsocket: Add keepalive logic
2013-10-30 Sean Heftyrsockets: Handle race between rshutdown and rpoll
2013-08-02 Sean Heftyrsocket: Return 0 on success for SOL_RDMA options
2013-08-02 Sean Heftyrsockets: Add ability to set the IB route directly
2013-07-31 Sean Heftyrsockets: Support native IB addressing on connected...
2013-07-30 Bart Van Assche[3/4] rsocket: Remove the unused variable 'ret'
2013-04-13 Sean Heftyrsocket: Add support for iWarp
2013-04-12 Sean Heftyrsocket: Merge usage of wr_id between stream and datagr...
2013-02-20 Sean Heftylibrdmacm/rsocket: Fix resetting O_NONBLOCK after calli...
2013-01-09 Sean Heftyrsockets: Add support for existing UDP apps
2012-12-03 Sean Heftyrsocket: Add datagram support
2012-12-03 Or Gerlitz[librdmacm] Fixed build problem due to missing macro
2012-11-05 Sean Heftyrsocket: Remove fscanf build warnings
2012-10-21 Sean Heftyrsocket: Add APIs for direct data placement
2012-10-09 Dotan Barak[2/5,librdmacm] rsocket: added missing break
2012-10-09 Dotan Barak[1/5,librdmacm] rsocket: add missing va_end() after...
2012-08-16 Sean Heftyrsockets: Add support for MSG_WAITALL rrecv() flag
2012-08-08 Sean Heftyrsockets: Support SO_OOBINLINE
2012-07-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Improve disconnect time under normal conditions
2012-07-30 Sean Heftyrsockets: Use wr_id to determine completion type
2012-06-28 Sean Heftyrsocket: Support IPV6_V6ONLY socket option
2012-06-28 Sean Heftyrsocket: Handle other shutdown option
2012-06-28 Sean Heftyrsocket: Set readfds event if rsocket has been disconnected
2012-06-08 Sean Heftyrsocket: Use configuration files to specify default...
2012-06-08 Sean Heftyrsocket: Spin before blocking on an rsocket
2012-06-08 Sean Heftyrsocket: Handle TCP_MAXSEG socket option
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsockets: Change the default QP size from 512 to 384
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsockets: Simplify state checks
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsocket: Add option to specify size of inline data
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsockets: Allow user to specify the QP sizes
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsockets: Define options specific to rsockets
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsockets: Reduce QP size if larger than hardware maximums
2012-05-28 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix hang in rrecv/rsend after disconnecting
2012-05-21 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Check that send and recv CQs are different...
2012-05-10 Sean Heftylibrdmacm/rsocket: Succeed setsockopt REUSEADDR on...
2012-05-08 Sean Heftyrsockets: Optimize synchronization to improve performance
2012-04-16 Sean Heftyrsocket: Succeed setting SO_KEEPALIVE option rsocket
2012-04-16 Sean Heftyrsocket: Succeed SO_LINGER socket option
2012-04-16 Sean Heftyrsocket: Handle socket option toggling on/off
2012-04-16 Sean Heftyrsocket: Discard unrecognized control messages
2012-04-16 Sean Heftyrsocket: Work-arounds to support RH EL5
2012-04-16 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Define streaming over RDMA interface (rsockets)