2015-10-06 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] examples/r[io]stream.c: Better handling... master
2015-10-06 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] rstream.c: Use proper define for ai_flags...
2015-10-06 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] examples: Use gai_strerror rather than...
2015-08-31 Sean HeftyAdd parens to sizeof operator to clarify usage
2015-06-02 Sean Heftyv1.0.21 v1.0.21
2015-05-29 Sean Heftyrsockets: Delay initializing buffers until the inline...
2015-04-28 Sean HeftyRemove prints to stderr
2015-04-08 Sean Heftyv1.0.20 v1.0.20
2015-03-26 Ilya Nelkenbaumcma: Workaround for rdma_ucm kernel bug
2015-03-26 Sasha Kotchubievskyrsocket; Set POLLERR bit in revent in case of rs_connec...
2015-03-25 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] rstream.c: Add missing binding to source...
2015-02-11 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix race in indexer map
2015-02-10 Sean Heftyrsockets: Fix F_SETFL to use an int rather than long
2015-02-06 Sean Heftyrsockets: Fix setting flags in rfctl
2015-01-22 Steve Wiserping: create persistent server threads in DETACHED...
2014-11-14 Hariprasad Srping: ignore flushed completions
2014-11-14 Hariprasad Srping: Fixes race, where ibv context was getting freed...
2014-10-08 Sean Heftyrsocket: Return size of received data in case of error
2014-09-29 Sreedhar KodaliWhile waiting for a completion event, rsocket state...
2014-09-29 Sreedhar KodaliPerform completion event acknowledgments in batches...
2014-09-25 Sreedhar Kodalirsockets: Add fine grained interception mechanism for...
2014-09-04 Sean Heftyrsockets: Support calling listen multiple times on...
2014-09-04 Sasha Kotchubievskyrsocket: Index map item is cleaned before it is used...
2014-08-18 Sean HeftyRenumber 1.0.19-1 release to v1.0.19.1
2014-08-08 Sean HeftyMerge branch 'dev' v1.0.19-1
2014-08-07 Sean HeftyRelease 1.0.19-1 hotfix
2014-08-04 Sean Heftyindexer: Include errno.h directly
2014-07-28 Ilya Nelkenbaumrsocket: Segmentation fault fix in case of multiple...
2014-07-23 Sean Heftyudpong: Fix client_recv error check
2014-07-16 Sean HeftyRelease 1.0.19 v1.0.19
2014-07-16 Sean Heftyriostream: Only verify last data transfer
2014-07-07 Sean HeftyRevert "Revert "rsocket: Change keepalive to 0-byte...
2014-07-03 Sean Heftyrsocket: Update correct rsocket keepalive time
2014-07-03 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix removing rsocket from service thread
2014-07-02 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix crash resulting from keepalive timeout
2014-07-02 Sean Heftyexample/rdma_xclient/server: Update XRC support in...
2014-07-02 Sean Heftyrdmacm: Update addrinfo with XRC support
2014-07-02 Sean Heftyrdmacm: Add support for XRC QPs
2014-07-02 Sean Heftyrdmacm: Add support for allocating XRC SRQs
2014-07-01 Sean Heftyrdmacm: Add functionality to allocate an XRCD
2014-07-01 Sean Heftybuild: Add build support for XRC
2014-07-01 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Use SRQ in rdma_create_qp
2014-06-25 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Remove NULL checks after calling alloca
2014-06-21 Sean HeftyRevert "rsocket: Change keepalive to 0-byte RDMA write"
2014-06-20 Hal Rosenstocklibrdmacm: In ucma_convert_path, fix selector values
2014-06-20 Hal Rosenstockrsocket: Add support for RDMA_ROUTE option in rgetsockopt
2014-06-18 Sean HeftyMerge branch 'dev'
2014-06-18 Susan K. Coulterrsocket: Change keepalive to 0-byte RDMA write
2014-06-18 Doug Ledfordrdma_server: handle IBV_SEND_INLINE correctly
2014-06-18 Doug Ledfordrdma_client: handle IBV_SEND_INLINE correctly
2014-06-18 Doug Ledfordrdma_server: use perror, unwind allocs on failure
2014-06-18 Doug Ledfordrdma_client: use perror, unwind allocs on failure
2014-06-18 Doug Ledfordcmtime: rework program to be multithread
2014-06-18 Hal Rosenstockrsocket: Use malloc instead of calloc
2014-05-27 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Update rdma_accept man page
2014-05-22 Sean Heftyindexer: Free index_map resources when cleared
2014-04-30 Patrick MacArthurrstream: fix "-T resolve" detection
2014-04-30 shamir rabinovitchlibrdmacm: Fix verbs leak due to reentrancy issue
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Relax requirement for minimal inline data
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Modify when control messages are available
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Dedicate a fixed number of SQEs for control...
2014-04-30 Sean Heftyrsocket: Check max inline data after creating QP
2014-04-30 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Make ucma_init_all static
2014-04-09 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Support lazy initialization
2014-03-06 Sean Heftyrsocket: Fix sbuf_bytes_avail counter 'overrun' with...
2014-03-05 Hal Rosenstockriostream: Add AF_IB support
2014-03-05 Hal Rosenstockrsocket: Return EBADF on bad rsocket fd
2014-03-05 Sean Heftyman/rsocket: Enhance riomap documentation
2014-01-27 Sean Heftylibrdmacm 1.0.18 v1.0.18
2014-01-27 Sean Heftyudaddy: Remove support for port space IB
2014-01-17 Susan K. Coulterrsocket: Add keepalive logic
2013-12-04 Or Gerlitzlibrdmacm: Add directives on binding to IPv6 any addres...
2013-11-26 Sean Heftylibrdmacm: Check 'init' under mutex
2013-11-18 Sean Heftyrping: Fix server reporting error on exit
2013-11-11 Sean HeftyRetrieve SGID after calling rdma_bind_addr
2013-11-07 Guy Shapirolibrdmacm: Some fixes to man pages
2013-11-07 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] Makefile.am: Add missing riostream man...
2013-10-30 Sean Heftyrsockets: Handle race between rshutdown and rpoll
2013-09-20 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] man/rstream.1: Update man page to be consis...
2013-09-20 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] rstream.c: Indicate when specified address...
2013-09-20 Hal Rosenstock[librdmacm] man/rdma_create_id.3: Add RDMA_PS_IB port...
2013-08-27 Yan Droneaudexamples: Add cmtime to .gitignore
2013-08-22 Sean Heftyrsocket: Update rsocket man page
2013-08-22 Sean Heftycmtime: Add retry support for address and route resolution
2013-08-22 Sean Heftycmtime: Allow user to specify timeout values
2013-08-22 Sean Heftycmtime: Add ability to time rdma_bind_addr calls
2013-08-05 Sean Heftycmtime: Add example program that times rdma cm calls
2013-08-02 Sean Heftyrstream: Use rsocket option to set route directly
2013-08-02 Sean Heftyrsocket: Return 0 on success for SOL_RDMA options
2013-08-02 Sean Heftyrsockets: Add ability to set the IB route directly
2013-08-02 Sean Heftyexamples: Add support for native IB addressing to samples
2013-07-31 Sean Heftyrsockets: Support native IB addressing on connected...
2013-07-30 Bart Van Assche[4/4] Declare 'server_port' as an unsigned variable
2013-07-30 Bart Van Assche[3/4] rsocket: Remove the unused variable 'ret'
2013-07-30 Bart Van Assche[2/4] cma: Remove the unused variable 'id_priv'
2013-07-30 Bart Van Assche[1/4] acm: Remove the unused variable 'pri_path'
2013-07-18 Sean Heftyinit: Remove USE_IB_ACM configuration option
2013-07-18 Sean Heftyacm: Define needed ACM protocol messages
2013-07-17 Sean Heftycmatose: Allow user to specify address format
2013-07-17 Yann DroneaudRemove executable mode bit on text files