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2012-12-18 Dave Youngvm selftests: print failure status instead of cause...
2012-12-18 Akinobu Mitaubifs: use prandom_bytes
2012-12-18 Akinobu Mitamtd: nandsim: use prandom_bytes
2012-12-18 Akinobu Mitabnx2x: use prandom_bytes()
2012-12-18 Akinobu Mitaprandom: introduce prandom_bytes() and prandom_bytes_st...
2012-12-18 Akinobu Mitarandom32: rename random32 to prandom
2012-12-18 Dan Carpenteraoe: fix use after free in aoedev_by_aoeaddr()
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: update internal version number to 81
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: identify source of runt AoE packets
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: allow comma separator in aoe_iflist value
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: allow user to disable target failure timeout
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: use dynamic number of remote ports for AoE storage...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: avoid races between device destruction and discovery
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: improve handling of misbehaving network paths
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: return real minor number for static minors
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: initialize sysminor to avoid compiler warning
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: make error messages more specific in static minor...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: remove call to request handler from I/O completion
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: cleanup: correct comment for aoetgt nout
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: increase default cap on outstanding AoE commands...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: remove vestigial request queue allocation
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: copy fallback timing information on destination...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: update driver-internal version to 64+
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: commands in retransmit queue use new destination...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: use high-resolution RTTs with fallback to low-res
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: manipulate aoedev network stats under lock
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: err device: include MAC addresses for unexpected...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: improve network congestion handling
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: provide ATA identify device content to user on...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: update driver-internal version number to 60
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: whitespace cleanup
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: cleanup: remove unused ata_scnt function
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: "payload" sysfs file exports per-AoE-command data...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: support larger I/O requests via aoe_maxsectors...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: support the forgetting (flushing) of a user-specif...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: update cap on outstanding commands based on config...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: print warning regarding a common reason for droppe...
2012-12-18 Ed Cashinaoe: describe the behavior of the "err" character device
2012-12-18 Ed CashinDocumentation/sparse.txt: document context annotations...
2012-12-18 Josh Triplettlinux/compiler.h: add __must_hold macro for functions...
2012-12-18 Gao fengpidns: remove unused is_container_init()
2012-12-18 Kees Cookexec: use -ELOOP for max recursion depth
2012-12-18 Artem Bityutskiyproc: pid/status: show all supplementary groups
2012-12-18 Kees Cook/proc/pid/status: add "Seccomp" field
2012-12-18 Cyrill Gorcunovprocfs: add VmFlags field in smaps output
2012-12-18 Andrew Vaginproc: don't show nonexistent capabilities
2012-12-18 Oleg Nesterovptrace: introduce PTRACE_O_EXITKILL
2012-12-18 Eldad Zacksimple_strto*: annotate function as obsolete
2012-12-18 Eldad Zackkstrto*: add documentation
2012-12-18 Jarkko SakkinenDocumentation: fix Documentation/security/00-INDEX
2012-12-18 Dave Reisnerfs/fat: strip "cp" prefix from codepage in display
2012-12-18 Jan Karafat: ix mount option parsing
2012-12-18 Jan Karafat: provide option for setting timezone offset
2012-12-18 Namjae Jeonfat: notify when discard is not supported
2012-12-18 Ashish Jangamrtc: DA9055 RTC driver
2012-12-18 Sachin Kamatdrivers/rtc/rtc-s3c: use of_match_ptr() macro
2012-12-18 Kim, Milodrivers/rtc/rtc-tps65910.c: enable RTC power domain...
2012-12-18 Sachin Kamatdrivers/rtc/rtc-dev.c: remove unused code from rtc...
2012-12-18 Tushar Beheradrivers/rtc/rtc-s3c.c: convert to use devm_* API
2012-12-18 Tushar Beheradrivers/rtc/rtc-s3c.c: remove unnecessary err_nores...
2012-12-18 Thierry Redingrtc: add NXP PCF8523 support
2012-12-18 Devendra Nagartc: rtc-davinci: use devm_kzalloc()
2012-12-18 Devendra Nagartc: rtc-davinci: return correct error code if rtc_devi...
2012-12-18 Sivaram Nairdrivers/rtc/rtc-tps65910.c: rename irq to match device
2012-12-18 Deepak Sikrirtc: rtc-spear: Provide flag for no support of UIE...
2012-12-18 Deepak Sikrirtc: rtc-spear: Add clk_{un}prepare() support
2012-12-18 Viresh Kumarrtc: rtc-spear: use devm_*() routines
2012-12-18 Wei Yongjundrivers/rtc/rtc-test.c: avoid calling platform_device_p...
2012-12-18 Devendra Nagadrivers/rtc/rtc-vt8500.c: convert to use devm_kzalloc
2012-12-18 Roland Stiggedrivers/rtc/rtc-imxdi.c: add devicetree support
2012-12-18 Roland Stiggedrivers/rtc/rtc-imxdi: support for i.MX53
2012-12-18 Vaibhav Hiremathrtc: omap: add runtime pm support
2012-12-18 Afzal Mohammedrtc: omap: depend on am33xx
2012-12-18 Afzal Mohammedrtc: omap: dt support
2012-12-18 Afzal MohammedARM: davinci: remove rtc kicker release
2012-12-18 Afzal Mohammedrtc: omap: kicker mechanism support
2012-12-18 Alan Coxbinfmt_elf: fix corner case kfree of uninitialized...
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: warn on CamelCase variable names
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: add support for floating point constants
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: find hex constants as a single IDENT
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: add --strict test for switch/default missin...
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: warn when declaring "struct spinlock foo;"
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: Add --strict messages for blank lines aroun...
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: extend line continuation test
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: allow control over line length warning...
2012-12-18 Andy Whitcroftcheckpatch: consolidate if (foo) bar(foo) checks and...
2012-12-18 Tao Macheckpatch: remove reference to feature-removal-schedul...
2012-12-18 Kees Cookcheckpatch: warn about using CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL
2012-12-18 Joe Perchescheckpatch: warn on unnecessary line continuations
2012-12-18 Catalin Marinascompat: generic compat_sys_sched_rr_get_interval()...
2012-12-18 Cong Dinglib/rbtree_test.c: fix uninitialized variable warning
2012-12-18 Oleg Nesterovpercpu_rw_semaphore: introduce CONFIG_PERCPU_RWSEM
2012-12-18 Oleg Nesterovpercpu_rw_semaphore: add lockdep annotations
2012-12-18 Oleg Nesterovpercpu_rw_semaphore: kill ->writer_mutex, add ->write_ctr
2012-12-18 Oleg Nesterovpercpu_rw_semaphore: reimplement to not block the reade...
2012-12-18 Jan Beulichsscanf: don't ignore field widths for numeric conversions
2012-12-18 Andy Shevchenkodrivers/of/fdt.c: re-use kernel's kbasename()
2012-12-18 Andy Shevchenkotrace: use kbasename()
2012-12-18 Andy Shevchenkoprocfs: use kbasename()
2012-12-18 Andy Shevchenkomm: use kbasename()