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2009-07-30 Kristoffer... MAINTAINERS: update HP Jornada 700-series and Epson...
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: finish off the email address coalescing
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: coalesce name and email address lines
2009-07-30 Joe Perchesget_maintainerpl-add-git-min-percent-option-fix
2009-07-30 Joe Perchesget_maintainer.pl: Add git-min-percent option
2009-07-30 Joe Perchesscripts/get_maintainer.pl: Add -f directory use
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Scott Murray is no longer with SomaNetworks
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: QLOGIC QLA3XXX - Add Ron Mercer email...
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: QLOGIC QLA2XXX - add Andrew Vasquez email...
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Remove CS461x sound card section
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: INPUT: Add Dmitry's name to his email...
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: USB Serial Digi Acceleport: use separate...
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Add PPS patterns
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Update KERNEL JANITORS
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Move ARPD to CREDITS
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Remove L: linux-kernel@vger.
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Use tabs in ACER ASPIRE ONE
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: QLGE 10Gb ETHERNET - pair P:/M: entries...
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: Remove ivtv-user lists, add CX18 url
2009-07-30 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: IA64 - pair P:/M: entries properly
2009-07-30 Jiri Slabyuio: mark uio.h functions __KERNEL__ only
2009-07-30 Albin Tonnerredrivers/serial/atmel_serial.c: fix compile when CONFIG_...
2009-07-30 Dave Hansenlib: flexible array implementation
2009-07-30 Anton Vorontsovsdhci: get rid of "frequency too high" flood when using...
2009-07-30 Hidetoshi Setosysrq, kdump: make sysrq-c consistent
2009-07-30 Dave Jonespps.h needs <linux/types.h>
2009-07-30 Catalin Marinasfs/ramfs/file-nommu.c needs include/linux/sched.h
2009-07-30 Mel Gormannet-dccp: suppress warning about large allocations...
2009-07-30 Mel Gormanprofile: suppress warning about large allocations when...
2009-07-30 Mel Gormanpage-allocator: allow too high-order warning messages...
2009-07-30 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukicgroup avoid permanent sleep at rmdir
2009-07-30 Sebastian Heutlingeeprom/at25: bugfix "not ready" timeout after write
2009-07-30 Li Zefancgroups: fix pid namespace bug
2009-07-30 Kristoffer... drivers/video/backlight/jornada720_bl.c: fix build
2009-07-30 Roland Dreierlib: export generic atomic64_t functions
2009-07-30 Eric Sandeenhugetlbfs: fix i_blocks accounting
2009-07-30 Thadeu Lima... rtc: mark if rtc-cmos drivers were successfully registered
2009-07-30 Eero Nurkkalaspi: omap2_mcspi rxdma bugfix
2009-07-30 Jouni Hoganderspi: omap2_mcspi supports wake events
2009-07-30 Pawel Osciaks3c-fb: fix off-by-one bug in loop indexes
2009-07-30 Lu Zhiheedac: x38 fix mchbar high register addr
2009-07-30 Hidetoshi Setokexec: fix omitting offset in extended crashkernel...
2009-07-30 Rik van Rielmm: copy over oom_adj value at fork time
2009-07-30 David Rientjesmm: avoid endless looping for oom killed tasks
2009-07-30 Mel Gormanpage-allocator: preserve PFN ordering when __GFP_COLD...
2009-07-30 Matthew Wilcoxmarkup_oops: fix it with 32-bit userspace on a 64-bit...
2009-07-29 Catalin Marinaskmemleak: Protect the seq start/next/stop sequence...
2009-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'drm-radeon-kms' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2009-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'zero-length' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2009-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-core-2.6
2009-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/staging-2.6
2009-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2009-07-29 OGAWA Hirofumipty: avoid forcing 'low_latency' tty flag
2009-07-29 Dave Airliedrm/radeon: set fb aperture sizes for framebuffer handoff.
2009-07-29 Dave Airliedrm/ttm: fix highuser vs dma32 confusion.
2009-07-29 Michel Dänzerdrm/radeon: Fix size used for benchmarking BO copies.
2009-07-29 Michel Dänzerdrm/radeon: Add radeon.test parameter for running BO...
2009-07-29 Dave Airliedrm/radeon/kms: allow interruptible waits for objects.
2009-07-29 Thomas Hellstromdrm/ttm: powerpc: Fix Highmem cache flushing.
2009-07-29 Thomas Hellstromx86: Export kmap_atomic_prot() needed for TTM.
2009-07-29 Thomas Hellstromdrm/ttm: Fix ttm in-kernel copying of pages with non...
2009-07-29 Thomas Hellstromdrm/ttm: Fix an oops and sync object leak.
2009-07-29 Dave Airliedrm/radeon/kms: vram sizing on certain r100 chips needs...
2009-07-29 Michel Dänzerdrm/radeon: Pay more attention to object placement...
2009-07-29 Michel Dänzerdrm/radeon: Fall back to evicting BOs with memcpy if...
2009-07-29 Michel Dänzerdrm/radeon: Don't unreserve twice on failure to validate.
2009-07-29 Jerome Glissedrm/radeon/kms: fix bandwidth computation on avivo...
2009-07-29 Dave Airliedrm/radeon/kms: add initial colortiling support.
2009-07-29 Jeff GarzikRemove zero-length file drivers/char/vr41xx_giu.c
2009-07-29 Tejun Heolibata: accept late unlocking of HPA
2009-07-29 Sergey Matyukevichlibata: Updates and fixes for pata_at91 driver
2009-07-29 Steve Conklinata_piix: Add new short cable ID
2009-07-29 Steve Conklinata_piix: Add new laptop short cable IDs
2009-07-29 David Milburnahci: add device IDs for Ibex Peak ahci controllers
2009-07-29 Bartlomiej... libata: remove superfluous NULL pointer checks
2009-07-29 Bartlomiej... libata: add missing NULL pointer check to ata_eh_reset()
2009-07-29 Wolfram Sangpata_pcmcia: add CNF-CDROM-ID
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Stall handling bug fixes.
2009-07-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2009-07-28 John YounUSB: xhci: Support for 64-byte contexts
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Always align output device contexts to 64...
2009-07-28 John YounUSB: xhci: Scratchpad buffer allocation
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: Fix parsing of SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion descr...
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Fail gracefully if there's no SS ep companio...
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Handle babble errors on transfers.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Setup HW retries correctly.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Check if the host controller died in IRQ...
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Don't oops if the host doesn't halt.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Make debugging more verbose.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Correct Event Handler Busy flag usage.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Handle short control packets correctly.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Represent 64-bit addresses with one u64.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Use GFP_ATOMIC while holding spinlocks.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Deal with stalled endpoints.
2009-07-28 Sarah SharpUSB: xhci: Set TD size in transfer TRB.
2009-07-28 Roel KluinUSB: xhci: fix less- and greater than confusion
2009-07-28 Alan SternUSB: usbtest: no need for USB_DEVICEFS
2009-07-28 Ajay Kumar... USB: musb: fix CONFIGDATA register read issue
2009-07-28 Amit KucheriaUSB: musb: Refer to musb_otg_timer_func under correct...