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2010-08-07 Jan Beulichblkfront: fixes for 'xm block-detach ... --force'
2010-08-07 Ian Campbellxen: use less generic names in blkfront driver.
2010-08-07 Randy Dunlapwriteback.h: needs linux/device.h
2010-08-07 Jens Axboeblock: fix problem with sending down discard that isn...
2010-08-07 Dave Chinnerblkdev: check for valid request queue before issuing...
2010-08-07 Stephen Rothwellblock: fix for block tracing build error
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannscsi/i2o: restore ioctl changes
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannscsi/sd: remove big kernel lock
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannblock: remove BKL from partition ioctls
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannblock: remove BKL from BLKROSET and BLKFLSBUF
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannblock: push BKL into blktrace ioctls
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannblock: push down BKL into .open and .release
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannblock: push down BKL into .locked_ioctl
2010-08-07 Arnd Bergmannscsi/i2o_block: cleanup ioctl handling
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriscsi: fix discard page leak
2010-08-07 Dave Chinnerwriteback: Add tracing to write_cache_pages
2010-08-07 Dave Chinnerwriteback: Add tracing to balance_dirty_pages
2010-08-07 Dave Chinnerwriteback: Initial tracing support
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriblock: remove unused REQ_TYPE_LINUX_BLOCK
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriscsi: need to reset unprep_rq_fn in sd_remove
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriblock: remove q->prepare_flush_fn completely
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriide: stop using q->prepare_flush_fn
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonorivirtio_blk: stop using q->prepare_flush_fn
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoridm: stop using q->prepare_flush_fn
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonorips3disk: stop using q->prepare_flush_fn
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriosdblk: stop using q->prepare_flush_fn
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriscsi: stop using q->prepare_flush_fn
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriblock: permit PREFLUSH and POSTFLUSH without prepare_fl...
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriblock: introduce REQ_FLUSH flag
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriscsi: remove unused free discard page in sd_done
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriscsi: add sd_unprep_fn to free discard page
2010-08-07 James Bottomleyblock: implement an unprep function corresponding direc...
2010-08-07 Joe Perchesdrivers/cdrom: use pr_<level>
2010-08-07 Jens Axboeblock: fixup missing conversion from BIO_RW_DISCARD...
2010-08-07 Randy Dunlapblock/xd.c: fix brace typo
2010-08-07 Andi Kleengcc-4.6: fs: fix unused but set warnings
2010-08-07 Andi Kleengcc-4.6: block: fix unused but set variables in blk...
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigblock: don't allocate a payload for discard request
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigwriteback: merge bdi_writeback_task and bdi_start_fn
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigwriteback: remove wb_list
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigblock: fix some more cmd_type cleanup fallout
2010-08-07 Jens Axboevirtio_blk: add default case to cmd type switch
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigblock: unify flags for struct bio and struct request
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigblock: remove wrappers for request type/flags
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriremove needless ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriblock: kill ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD usage
2010-08-07 FUJITA Tomonoriaha1532: remove ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD usage
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwigblock: BARRIER request should imply SYNC
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: use warning macros
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: use wait_event_interruptible
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: fix signed/unsigned warnings
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: cmos attribute should be static
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: use atomic type for usage_count
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: silence warning during disk test
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: remove unnecessary inlines
2010-08-07 Stephen Hemmingerfloppy: initialize debug jiffies offset
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: change pad value from 32 to 0
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: remove errant debug code
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: move next_command function from ifdef
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: fix call to put_controller_in_performant_mode
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: make sure we request the performant mode irq
2010-08-07 Jens Axboeblock: add helpers for the trivial queue flag sysfs...
2010-08-07 Jens Axboeblock: add sysfs knob for turning off disk entropy...
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: new controller support and bump driver version
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: add performant mode support for Stars/Sirius
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: make interrupt access methods return type bool
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: check for msi in interrupt_not_for_us
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: clean up interrupt handler
2010-08-07 Mike Millercciss: enqueue and submit io
2010-08-01 Linus TorvaldsLinux 2.6.35 v2.6.35
2010-08-01 Trond MyklebustNFS: Fix a typo in include/linux/nfs_fs.h
2010-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2010-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'bugfixes' of git://git.linux-nfs.org...
2010-07-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'drm-fixes' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-07-31 Hugh Dickinsmm: fix ia64 crash when gcore reads gate area
2010-07-31 David HowellsCIFS: Remove __exit mark from cifs_exit_dns_resolver()
2010-07-30 Ondrej Zarycyber2000fb: fix console in truecolor modes
2010-07-30 Ondrej Zarycyber2000fb: fix machine hang on module load
2010-07-30 Julia LawallSA1111: Eliminate use after free
2010-07-30 Russell KingARM: Fix Versatile/Realview/VExpress MMC card detection...
2010-07-30 Gary KingARM: 6279/1: highmem: fix SMP preemption bug in kmap_hi...
2010-07-30 Trond MyklebustNFS: Ensure that writepage respects the nonblock flag
2010-07-30 Trond MyklebustNFS: kswapd must not block in nfs_release_page
2010-07-30 Dan Carpenternfs: include space for the NUL in root path
2010-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.marist.edu...
2010-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/wim/linux-2.6-watchdog
2010-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'fix/hda' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-07-29 David HowellsCRED: Fix __task_cred()'s lockdep check and banner...
2010-07-29 David HowellsCRED: Fix get_task_cred() and task_state() to not resur...
2010-07-29 Wim Van Sebroeckwatchdog: update MAINTAINERS entry
2010-07-29 Takashi IwaiALSA: hda - Add a PC-beep workaround for ASUS P5-V
2010-07-29 Russell KingARM: Add barriers to io{read,write}{8,16,32} accessors...
2010-07-29 Catalin MarinasARM: 6273/1: Add barriers to the I/O accessors if ARM_D...
2010-07-29 Catalin MarinasARM: 6272/1: Convert L2x0 to use the IO relaxed operations
2010-07-29 Catalin MarinasARM: 6271/1: Introduce *_relaxed() I/O accessors
2010-07-29 Rabin VincentARM: 6275/1: ux500: don't use writeb() in uncompress.h
2010-07-29 Magnus DammARM: 6270/1: clean files in arch/arm/boot/compressed/
2010-07-29 Adam Jacksondrm/edid: Fix the HDTV hack sync adjustment
2010-07-29 Daniel J Bluemandrm/radeon/kms: fix radeon mid power profile reporting
2010-07-29 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for_linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...