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2010-12-08 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-12-08 Luis R. Rodriguezath9k_hw: warn if we cannot change the power to the...
2010-12-08 Luis R. Rodriguezath9k: skip ATH9K_INT_TIM_TIMER when we are idle
2010-12-08 Amitkumar Karwarcfg80211: add some element IDs in enum ieee80211_eid
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: rename config option for N-PHY, drop BROKEN
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: fix split of N-PHY devices into supported and...
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: set TMS to work with current band width for N-PHY
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: silence warnings
2010-12-08 Ben Greearmac80211: Show max number of probe tries in debug message.
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: flush PHY writes when needed
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: implement own maskset
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: reorder and optimize tables initialization
2010-12-08 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: update init tables
2010-12-08 Ben Greearath9k: Check for NULL sta in ath_tx_start
2010-12-08 Helmut Schaamac80211: Apply ht_opmode changes in ieee80211_change_bss
2010-12-08 Helmut Schaacfg80211: Add new BSS attribute ht_opmode
2010-12-08 David Kilroyorinoco: fix TKIP countermeasure behaviour
2010-12-08 David Kilroyorinoco: clear countermeasure setting on commit
2010-12-08 Helmut Schaamac80211: Fix BUG in pskb_expand_head when transmitting...
2010-12-08 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Fix suspend/resume
2010-12-08 Javier Cardonaath5k: Put the right tsf value in mesh beacons
2010-12-08 Javier Cardonaath5k: Prevent mesh interfaces from being counted as...
2010-12-08 Javier Cardonaath5k: Fix beaconing in mesh mode
2010-12-08 David Kilroyorinoco: initialise priv->hw before assigning the interrupt
2010-12-07 Javier Cardonamac80211: Fix compilation error when mesh is disabled
2010-12-07 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Remove dead code in recv.c
2010-12-07 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Parse DTIM period from mac80211
2010-12-07 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Properly use unlikely check macro
2010-12-07 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Fix panic on FW download failure
2010-12-07 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Add support for handling TX power configuration
2010-12-07 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Cleanup device identification
2010-12-07 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix a compiler warning
2010-12-07 Bruno Randolfath5k: Use capabilities information for the number...
2010-12-07 Ben Greearath9k: Make DMA warning in ath_stoprecv WARN_ON_ONCE.
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Add device id of AR9485 to pci table
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Disable MRC CCK for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Setup paprd only for supported chains
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Program appropriate register for temperature...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Add IQ cal changes for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Define IQcal correction coefficient registers...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Program appropriate chianmask for AR9485...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Configure power control only for the supporte...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Read and configure turnning caps to regulate...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Configure internal regulator for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Read and configure antenna diversity control...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Configure xpa bias level for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Read spur channel information from eeprom for...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Add a helper function to get spur channel...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Find chansel of AR_PHY_65NM_CH0_SYNTH7 for...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Configure pll control for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Find the maximum number of chains that hw...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Enable extended synch for AR9485 to fix L0s...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Disable TX STBC for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Disable LDPC for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Eeeprom changes for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Initialize tx/rx gain table from initvals...
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Initialize mode registers for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Enable hw initialization for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Add initvals.h for AR9485
2010-12-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Define hw version macros for AR9485
2010-12-07 John W. Linvilleath5k: remove MODULE_VERSION
2010-12-07 Joe Perchesath: Fix ath_dbg access beyond array bound
2010-12-07 Joe Perchesath: Convert ath_print to ath_dbg
2010-12-07 Joe Perchesath: Convert ath_print(.., ATH_DBG_FATAL to ath_err
2010-12-07 Joe Perchesath: Add and use ath_printk and ath_<level>
2010-12-07 Eliad Pellermac80211: fix dynamic-ps/pm_qos magic numbers
2010-12-07 David Kilroyorinoco: allow IW_AUTH_MFP to pass through
2010-12-07 Bruno Randolfnl80211/mac80211: Report signal average
2010-12-07 Rajkumar Manoharanath9k: fix beacon resource related race condition
2010-12-07 Senthil Balasubramanianath9k: Fix STA disconnect issue due to received MIC...
2010-12-07 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix a DMA related race condition on reset
2010-12-07 Matteo Croceath9k: fix bug in tx power
2010-12-06 Stanislaw Gruszkaiwlwifi: jiffies based tx queues watchdog
2010-12-06 Stanislaw Gruszkaiwl3945: prevent too frequent firmware resets
2010-12-06 Johannes Bergcfg80211/mac80211: add mesh join/leave commands
2010-12-06 Johannes Bergnl80211: refactor mesh parameter parsing
2010-12-06 Johannes Bergcfg80211: require add_virtual_intf to return new dev
2010-12-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: move mesh filter adjusting
2010-12-06 Javier Cardonanl80211/mac80211: define and allow configuring mesh...
2010-12-06 Nick Kossifidisath5k: Include tx ack reporting on hw flags
2010-12-06 Nick Kossifidisath5k: Fix reporting of RX dma stop failure
2010-12-06 Nick Kossifidisath5k: Disable ANI during reset
2010-12-06 Nick Kossifidisath5k: Always free tx buffers before reset
2010-12-06 Nick Kossifidisath5k: Always write tx powertable on hw
2010-12-06 Felix Fietkaumac80211: speed up AP probing using nullfunc frames
2010-12-06 Felix Fietkaumac80211: remove a redundant check
2010-12-06 Bruno Randolflib: Improve EWMA efficiency by using bitshifts
2010-12-06 Bruno Randolfath5k: Use EWMA factor of 1024 instead of 1000
2010-12-06 Helmut Schaamac80211: Update last_tx_rate only for data frames
2010-12-06 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'wireless-next-2.6' of git://git./linux...
2010-12-02 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Fix reset and interrupts for AHB type of devices.
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Add AHB bus support.
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Add initial registers values for radio RF2317...
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Add a function to read chipset's MAC revision
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Check if pci pdev struct is initialized in commo...
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Use generic eeprom read from common ath_bus_opts...
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Move PCI bus functions to separate file.
2010-12-02 Felix Fietkauath5k: Introduce ath5k_init_softc function as in ath9k