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2013-02-20 Amerigo Wangnet: fix a wrong assignment in skb_split()
2013-02-20 David S. MillerMerge branch 'for-davem' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2013-02-20 Eric Dumazetip_gre: remove an extra dst_release()
2013-02-19 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2013-02-19 Eric Dumazetppp: set qdisc_tx_busylock to avoid LOCKDEP splat
2013-02-19 Huang, Xiongatl1c: restore buffer state
2013-02-19 Cong Wangnet: fix a build failure when !CONFIG_PROC_FS
2013-02-19 Gao fengnet: ipv4: fix waring -Wunused-variable
2013-02-19 Gao fengnet: proc: fix build failed when procfs is not configured
2013-02-19 David S. MillerRevert "xen: netback: remove redundant xenvif_put"
2013-02-19 Cong Wangnet: move procfs code to net/core/net-procfs.c
2013-02-19 Dan Williamsqmi_wwan, cdc-ether: add ADU960S
2013-02-19 Doug Goldsteinbonding: set sysfs device_type to 'bond'
2013-02-19 nikolay@redhat.combonding: fix bond_release_all inconsistencies
2013-02-19 Hauke Mehrtensb44: use netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align()
2013-02-19 Andrew Jonesxen: netback: remove redundant xenvif_put
2013-02-19 Fabio Estevamnet: fec: Do a sanity check on the gpio number
2013-02-19 Dmitry Kravkovip_gre: propogate target device GSO capability to the...
2013-02-19 Dmitry Kravkovip_gre: allow CSUM capable devices to handle packets
2013-02-19 nikolay@redhat.combonding: Fix initialize after use for 3ad machine state...
2013-02-19 nikolay@redhat.combonding: Fix race condition between bond_enslave()...
2013-02-19 Larry Fingerb43: Increase number of RX DMA slots
2013-02-19 Jitendra Kalsariaqlcnic: Bump up the version to 5.1.34
2013-02-19 Shahed Shaikhqlcnic: fix ping resumption to a VM after a live migration
2013-02-19 Shahed Shaikhqlcnic: fix estimation of receive MSS in case of LRO...
2013-02-19 Himanshu Madhaniqlcnic: refactor Legacy interrupt handling for 83xx
2013-02-19 Sucheta Chakrabortyqlcnic: fix mailbox interrupt.
2013-02-19 Jitendra Kalsariaqlcnic: fix unsupported CDRP command error message.
2013-02-19 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://1984.lsi.us.es/nf-next
2013-02-19 David S. MillerMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net into net
2013-02-19 Pablo Neira... netfilter: nf_ct_helper: better logging for dropped...
2013-02-18 Kumar Amit... net: wireless: hostap: hostap_ap.c: Return -ENOMEM...
2013-02-18 Kumar Amit... net: wireless: orinoco: orinoco_usb.c: fix DMA buffers...
2013-02-18 Jussi Kivilinnartlwifi: usb: allocate URB control message setup_packet...
2013-02-18 Yogesh Ashok... mwifiex: add 802.11AC support
2013-02-18 Yogesh Ashok... mwifiex: coding style cleanup in bss parameter update
2013-02-18 Avinash Patilmwifiex: fix empty TX ring check for PCIe8897 while...
2013-02-18 Eric Dumazetipv6: fix a sparse warning
2013-02-18 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'for-john' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2013-02-18 David S. MillerMerge branch 'for-davem' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2013-02-18 Andy KingVSOCK: Don't reject PF_VSOCK protocol
2013-02-18 Andy KingVSOCK: Remove hypervisor-only socket option
2013-02-18 Dmitry TorokhovVSOCK: get rid of vsock_version.h
2013-02-18 Dmitry TorokhovVSOCK: get rid of EXPORT_SYMTAB
2013-02-18 Romain KUNTZxfrm: release neighbor upon dst destruction
2013-02-18 Gao fengnet: proc: remove proc_net_remove
2013-02-18 Gao fengnet: proc: change proc_net_remove to remove_proc_entry
2013-02-18 Gao fengnet: proc: remove proc_net_fops_create
2013-02-18 Gao fengnet: proc: change proc_net_fops_create to proc_create
2013-02-18 Mugunthan V Ndrivers: net: davinci_cpdma: acknowledge interrupt...
2013-02-18 Emmanuel Grumbachiwlwifi: dvm: improve (again) the prints in reclaim...
2013-02-18 Eytan Lifshitziwlwifi: dvm: fix delayed enter to CT-kill bug
2013-02-18 Ilan Peeriwlwifi: mvm: Reserve MAC id 0 for managed interfaces
2013-02-18 Ilan Peeriwlwifi: mvm: Fix resource allocation for P2P Device
2013-02-18 Ilan Peeriwlwifi: mvm: Set the scan type according to the vif...
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: mvm: fix time event command handling race
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: mvm: add debug statement to time event add
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: mvm: fix GO powersave client manipulation
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: mvm: program DTIM timings properly
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: mvm: fix merge error
2013-02-18 Johannes BergMerge remote-tracking branch 'wireless-next/master...
2013-02-18 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2013-02-18 Jiri PirkoMAINTAINERS: Jiri Pirko email change
2013-02-18 Joe Perchestg3: Use different macros for pci_chip_rev_id accesses
2013-02-18 Joe Perchestg3: Remove define and single use of GET_CHIP_REV_ID
2013-02-18 Hauke Mehrtensbgmac: fix unaligned accesses to network headers
2013-02-18 stephen hemmingerip: fix warning in xfrm4_mode_tunnel_input
2013-02-18 stephen hemmingeripv6: fix warning in xfrm6_mode_tunnel_input
2013-02-18 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2013-02-18 Ying Xuenet: fix a compile error when SOCK_REFCNT_DEBUG is...
2013-02-18 Cong Wangnet: move ioctl functions into a separated file
2013-02-18 Dave Youngnet: ehea module param description fix
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergcfg80211: fix station change if TDLS isn't supported
2013-02-18 Eric Dumazetipv6: optimize inet6_hash_frag()
2013-02-18 David S. MillerMerge branch 'tipc_net-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2013-02-18 Thomas Pedersenmac80211: don't spam mesh probe response messages
2013-02-18 Thomas Pedersenmac80211: stringify mesh peering events
2013-02-18 Thomas Pedersenmac80211: clean up mesh HT operation
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix harmless station flush warning
2013-02-18 Johannes Bergcfg80211: add correct docbook entries
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Update DESC_NEEDED define to adjust for changes...
2013-02-16 Emil Tantilovixgbe: fix Tx timeouts with BQL
2013-02-16 Aurélien Guillaumeixgbe: implement SFF diagnostic monitoring via ethtool
2013-02-16 Emil Tantilovixgbe: cleanup error checking in ixgbe_identify_sfp_mod...
2013-02-16 Emil Tantilovixgbe: fix possible data corruption in read_i2c_byte
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Add support for set_channels ethtool operation
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Add support for displaying the number of Tx...
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Make ixgbe_setup_tc usable even when DCB is...
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Update ixgbe driver to use __netdev_pick_tx...
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Add function for setting XPS queue mapping
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckixgbe: Define FCoE and Flow director limits much sooner...
2013-02-16 Stefan Assmannigb: increase timeout for ethtool offline self-test
2013-02-16 Alexander Duyckigbvf: Make next_to_watch a pointer and adjust memory...
2013-02-16 Koki Sanagie1000e: display a warning message when SmartSpeed works
2013-02-16 Jeff Kirshere1000: fix whitespace issues and multi-line comments
2013-02-15 Ying Xuetipc: remove redundant checking for the number of iovec...
2013-02-15 Ying Xuetipc: byte-based overload control on socket receive...
2013-02-15 Ying Xuetipc: eliminate duplicated discard_rx_queue routine
2013-02-15 Erik Hugnetipc: fix missing spinlock init in broadcast code
2013-02-15 Eric Dumazetnet: use skb_reset_mac_len() in dev_gro_receive()