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2009-07-20 Cesar Eduardo... New device ID for sc92031 [1088:2031]
2009-07-20 Ken Kawasaki3c589_cs: re-initialize the multicast in the tc589_reset
2009-07-20 Rémi Denis... Fix error return for setsockopt(SO_TIMESTAMPING)
2009-07-20 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: fix thermal check and shutdown
2009-07-20 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: fix deadlock on dev close
2009-07-20 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: fix context deletion sequence
2009-07-20 Ben Dooksnet: Micrel KS8851 SPI network driver
2009-07-20 John Dykstratcp: Use correct peer adr when copying MD5 keys
2009-07-20 John Dykstratcp: Fix MD5 signature checking on IPv4 mapped sockets
2009-07-20 Wan ZongShunAdd mac driver for w90p910
2009-07-17 Ralf BaechleUpdate Andreas Koensgen's email address
2009-07-17 Ralf BaechleMAINTAINERS entry for STRIP driver
2009-07-17 Vincent CUISSARDcdc-eem: bad crc checking
2009-07-17 Lucy Liuixgbe: Remove DPRINTK messages in DCB mode
2009-07-17 Lucy Liuixgbe: clear mac address data block in DCB mode
2009-07-17 Stephen Hemmingersky2: revert shutdown changes
2009-07-17 Eric Dumazetnet: sock_copy() fixes
2009-07-17 Krzysztof HalasaE100: work around the driver using streaming DMA mappin...
2009-07-17 Moni Shouabonding: clean muticast addresses when device changes...
2009-07-17 roel kluinatl1c: misplaced parenthesis
2009-07-17 roel kluinatl1c: add missing parentheses
2009-07-17 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-07-16 Eric Dumazetnetfilter: nf_conntrack: nf_conntrack_alloc() fixes
2009-07-16 Patrick McHardynetfilter: xt_osf: fix nf_log_packet() arguments
2009-07-15 Lothar Waßmannnet/can: add module alias to can protocol drivers
2009-07-15 Lothar Waßmannnet/can bugfix: use after free bug in can protocol...
2009-07-14 David S. MillerRevert "NET: Fix locking issues in PPP, 6pack, mkiss...
2009-07-14 Tobias Klauserskbuff.h: Fix comment for NET_IP_ALIGN
2009-07-14 Dongdong Dengdrivers/net: using spin_lock_irqsave() in net_send_packet()
2009-07-14 Jiri SlabyNET: phy_device, fix lock imbalance
2009-07-14 Andreas Jaggigre: fix ToS/DiffServ inherit bug
2009-07-13 Eric Dumazetigb: gcc-3.4.6 fix
2009-07-13 roel kluinatlx: duplicate testing of MCAST flag
2009-07-13 Ralf BaechleNET: Fix locking issues in PPP, 6pack, mkiss and strip...
2009-07-12 Ben Hutchingsnetdev: restore MTU change operation
2009-07-12 Ben Hutchingsnetdev: restore MAC address set and validate operations
2009-07-12 Sascha Hlusiaksit: fix regression: do not release skb->dst before...
2009-07-12 Eric Dumazetnet: ip_push_pending_frames() fix
2009-07-12 Eric Dumazetnet: sk_prot_alloc() should not blindly overwrite memory
2009-07-10 Roland Dreiercxgb3: Fix crash caused by stashing wrong netdev_queue
2009-07-10 Yi Zouixgbe: Fix coexistence of FCoE and Flow Director in...
2009-07-10 Jiri Olsamemory barrier: adding smp_mb__after_lock
2009-07-10 Jiri Olsanet: adding memory barrier to the poll and receive...
2009-07-09 Anton Vorontsovnetpoll: Fix carrier detection for drivers that are...
2009-07-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-07-08 Jaswinder Singh... includecheck fix: include/linux, rfkill.h
2009-07-08 Larry Fingerp54: tx refused but queue active
2009-07-08 Jay SternbergAtheros Kconfig needs to be dependent on WLAN_80211
2009-07-08 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix docbook
2009-07-08 Johannes Bergmac80211_hwsim: avoid NULL access
2009-07-08 Clyde McPhersonssb: Add support for 4318E
2009-07-08 Clyde McPhersonb43: Add support for 4318E
2009-07-08 Hin-Tak Leungzd1211rw: adding SONY IFU-WLM2 (054c:0257) as a zd1211b...
2009-07-08 Pascal Terjanzd1211rw: 07b8:6001 is a ZD1211B
2009-07-08 Florian Fainellir6040: bump driver version to 0.24 and date to 08 July...
2009-07-08 Florian Fainellir6040: restore MIER register correctly when IRQ line...
2009-07-08 Jarek Poplawskiipv4: Fix fib_trie rebalancing, part 4 (root thresholds)
2009-07-08 Pablo Bittondavinci_emac: fix kernel oops when changing MAC address...
2009-07-08 Alexander Duyckigb: set lan id prior to configuring phy
2009-07-07 Luciano Coelhomac80211: minstrel: avoid accessing negative indices...
2009-07-07 Johannes Bergcfg80211: fix refcount leak
2009-07-07 Johannes Berghp-wmi: fix rfkill bug
2009-07-07 Andrey Yurovskymac80211: fix allocation in mesh_queue_preq
2009-07-07 Samuel Ortiziwmc3200wifi: add Kconfig help
2009-07-07 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Fix leak in tx descriptor
2009-07-07 Larry Fingerb43/b43legacy: fix radio LED initialization
2009-07-07 Jiri SlabyWireless: nl80211, fix lock imbalance
2009-07-07 Greg Ungererfec: fix definition of 5272 version of FEC_X_DES_ACTIVE...
2009-07-07 Greg Ungererfec: remove extra ";" from definition names
2009-07-06 David S. MillerRevert "p54: Use SKB list handling helpers instead...
2009-07-06 Wei Yongjunsctp: fix warning at inet_sock_destruct() while release...
2009-07-06 Mariusz Kozlowskitun/tap: Fix crashes if open() /dev/net/tun and then...
2009-07-06 Stephane Contridsa: fix 88e6xxx statistics counter snapshotting
2009-07-06 Eric Dumazetforcedeth: Fix NAPI race.
2009-07-06 Julia Lawalldrivers/net/smsc911x.c: Fix resource size off by 1...
2009-07-06 Ken Kawasakipcnet_cs: add new id
2009-07-06 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Fix the maximal values of coalescing timeouts.
2009-07-06 Eilon Greensteinbnx2x: Disable HC coalescing when setting timeout to...
2009-07-06 Herbert Xutun: Fix device unregister race
2009-07-04 Sathya Perlabe2net: fix spurious interrupt handling in intx mode
2009-07-04 Bruce Allane1000e: disable K1 at 1000Mbps for 82577/82578
2009-07-04 Bruce Allane1000e: delay second read of PHY_STATUS register on...
2009-07-04 Bruce Allane1000e: prevent NVM corruption on sectors larger than 4K
2009-07-04 Bruce Allane1000e: do not write SmartSpeed register bits on parts...
2009-07-04 Bruce Allane1000e: delay after LCD reset and proper checks for...
2009-07-04 Bruce Allane1000e: PHY loopback broken on 82578
2009-07-04 Mallikarjuna... ixgbe: Not allow 8259x unsupported wol options change...
2009-07-04 Don Skidmoreixgbe: fix inconsistent SFP/SFP+ failure results.
2009-07-04 Don Skidmoreixgbe: fix regression on some 82598 adapters
2009-07-04 Don Skidmoreixgbe: fix issues with failing to detect insert of...
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix sizeof usage.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Add/use function for link up/down.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix MAC address bonding issue.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix tx byte counter.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix redundant call to free resources.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Fix carrier on condition.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Clear frame to queue routing before reset.
2009-07-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Expand coverage of hw lock for config register.
2009-07-04 Brian HaleyIPv6: preferred lifetime of address not getting updated
2009-07-04 Wei Yongjunxfrm6: fix the proto and ports decode of sctp protocol