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2012-11-23 David S. MillerMerge branch 'tipc_net-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-11-22 Andrey Vaginipv6: adapt connect for repair move
2012-11-22 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2012-11-22 Paul Gortmakertipc: delete TIPC_ADVANCED Kconfig variable
2012-11-22 Ying Xuetipc: eliminate an unnecessary cast of node variable
2012-11-22 Jon Maloytipc: introduce message to synchronize broadcast link
2012-11-22 Ying Xuetipc: rename supported flag to recv_permitted
2012-11-22 Ying Xuetipc: remove supportable flag from bclink structure
2012-11-22 Alexander Duyckigb: Do not parse past IP header on fragments beyond...
2012-11-22 Matthew Vickigb: No longer rely on APME to determine WoL settings
2012-11-22 Matthew Vickigb: Update PTP Rx filters
2012-11-22 John Fastabendixgbe: fdb: only allow NUD_PERM fdb entries
2012-11-22 Jacob Kellerixgbe: ethtool correctly identify autoneg setting
2012-11-22 Jacob Kellerixgbe: remove needless queuing for L4 ptp packets
2012-11-22 Jacob Kellerixgbe: use ETQF filter name instead of magic number
2012-11-22 Wei Yongjunixgbe: convert to use simple_open()
2012-11-22 Josh Hayixgbe: Reformat output of ixgbe_dump
2012-11-22 Ying Xuetipc: remove the bearer congestion mechanism
2012-11-22 Ying Xuetipc: wake up all waiting threads at socket shutdown
2012-11-21 David S. MillerMerge tag 'batman-adv-for-davem' of git://git.open...
2012-11-21 Erik Hugnetipc: return POLLOUT for sockets in an unconnected...
2012-11-21 Ying Xuetipc: fix race/inefficiencies in poll/wait behaviour
2012-11-21 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Use packing of 2 for all headers before...
2012-11-21 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Start new development cycle
2012-11-21 Simon Wunderlichbatman-adv: Fix broadcast duplist for fragmentation
2012-11-21 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Add function to calculate crc32c for the...
2012-11-21 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: sysfs documentation should keep alphabetica...
2012-11-21 Martin Hundebøllbatman-adv: Add wrapper to look up neighbor and send skb
2012-11-21 Antonio Quartullibatman-adv: support array of debugfs general attributes
2012-11-21 Simon Wunderlichbatman-adv: fix bla compare function
2012-11-21 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Mark best gateway in transtable_global...
2012-11-20 Neil Hormansctp: send abort chunk when max_retrans exceeded
2012-11-20 Sachin Kamatnet: Remove redundant null check before kfree in dev.c
2012-11-20 Sachin Kamatcaif: Remove redundant null check before kfree in cfctrl.c
2012-11-20 Sachin Kamatbnx2x: Remove duplicate inclusion of bnx2x_hsi.h
2012-11-20 Nicolas Dichtelsit: allow to configure 6rd tunnels via netlink
2012-11-20 David Stevensadd DOVE extensions for VXLAN
2012-11-20 Ben Hutchingsnet: Remove bogus dependencies on INET
2012-11-20 Ben Hutchingsehea: Remove remnants of LRO support
2012-11-20 Ben Hutchingsmlx4_en: Remove remnants of LRO support
2012-11-20 Johannes Bergnet: remove unnecessary wireless includes
2012-11-20 Joachim Eastwoodnet/ethernet: remove useless is_valid_ether_addr from...
2012-11-19 Shan Weinet: rds: use this_cpu_* per-cpu helper
2012-11-19 Shan Weinet: core: use this_cpu_ptr per-cpu helper
2012-11-19 Sachin Kamatvhost: Remove duplicate inclusion of linux/vhost.h
2012-11-19 Nicolas Ferrenet/macb: move to circ_buf macros and fix initial condition
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannetfilter: Remove the spurious \ in __ip_vs_lblc_init
2012-11-19 Stefan Rasplqeth: Remove BUG_ONs
2012-11-19 Stefan Rasplqeth: Consolidate tracing of card features
2012-11-19 Stefan Rasplqeth: Clarify card type naming for virtual NICs
2012-11-19 Ursula Braunclaw: remove BUG_ONs
2012-11-19 Ursula Braunctcm: remove BUG_ONs
2012-11-19 Stefan Rasplqeth: Remove unused variable
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root to control tun and tap devices
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Make CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE per user namespace
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Enable a userns root rtnl calls that are safe...
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Enable some sysctls that are safe for the userns...
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow the userns root to control vlans.
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root to control the network bridge...
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root to control llc, netfilter, netli...
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root to control ipv6
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root to control ipv4
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root control of the core of the netwo...
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Allow userns root to force the scm creds
2012-11-19 Zhao Hongjianguser_ns: get rid of duplicate code in net_ctl_permissions
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Update the per network namespace sysctls to be...
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Push capable(CAP_NET_ADMIN) into the rtnl methods
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannet: Don't export sysctls to unprivileged users
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermansysctl: Pass useful parameters to sysctl permissions
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermanuserns: make each net (net_ns) belong to a user_ns
2012-11-19 Eric W. Biedermannetns: Deduplicate and fix copy_net_ns when !CONFIG_NET_NS
2012-11-18 Vlad Yasevichipv6: Preserve ipv6 functionality needed by NET
2012-11-18 Sony Chackoqlcnic: fix sparse warnings
2012-11-18 Sony Chackoqlcnic: fix compiler warnings
2012-11-18 Daniel BorkmannPPC: net: bpf_jit_comp: add VLAN instructions for BPF JIT
2012-11-18 Daniel BorkmannPPC: net: bpf_jit_comp: add XOR instruction for BPF JIT
2012-11-18 Ben Hutchingspch_gbe, ptp_pch: Fix the dependency direction between...
2012-11-18 Rami Rosenvxlan: remove unused variable.
2012-11-18 Akinobu Mitasctp: use bitmap_weight
2012-11-18 David S. MillerMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net
2012-11-17 Linus TorvaldsLinux 3.7-rc6
2012-11-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvm
2012-11-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'akpm' (Fixes from Andrew)
2012-11-16 Andrew Mortonrevert "mm: fix-up zone present pages"
2012-11-16 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: change final i_blocks BUG to WARNING
2012-11-16 Hugh Dickinstmpfs: fix shmem_getpage_gfp() VM_BUG_ON
2012-11-16 Will Deaconmm: highmem: don't treat PKMAP_ADDR(LAST_PKMAP) as...
2012-11-16 Mel Gormanmm: revert "mm: vmscan: scale number of pages reclaimed...
2012-11-16 Randy Dunlaprapidio: fix kernel-doc warnings
2012-11-16 Xiaotian Fengswapfile: fix name leak in swapoff
2012-11-16 Hugh Dickinsmemcg: fix hotplugged memory zone oops
2012-11-16 David Rientjesmips, arc: fix build failure
2012-11-16 Michal Hockomemcg: oom: fix totalpages calculation for memory.swapp...
2012-11-16 David Rientjesmm: fix build warning for uninitialized value
2012-11-16 Michel Lespinassemm: add anon_vma_lock to validate_mm()
2012-11-16 Takashi IwaiKVM: x86: Fix invalid secondary exec controls in vmx_cp...
2012-11-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net
2012-11-16 David S. MillerMerge branch 'for-davem' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-11-16 Tom Herbertnet-rps: Fix brokeness causing OOO packets
2012-11-16 Eric Dumazetnet: use right lock in __dev_remove_offload