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2011-05-08 David S. Milleripv4: Don't use rt->rt_{src,dst} in ip_queue_xmit().
2011-05-08 David S. Millerinet: Pass flowi to ->queue_xmit().
2011-05-08 David S. Milleripv4: Use inet_csk_route_child_sock() in DCCP and TCP.
2011-05-08 David S. Milleripv4: Create inet_csk_route_child_sock().
2011-05-08 David S. Millersctp: Store a flowi in transports to provide persistent...
2011-05-08 David S. Milleripv4: Use cork flow in ip_queue_xmit()
2011-05-08 David S. Milleripv4: Use cork flow in inet_sk_{reselect_saddr,rebuild_...
2011-05-08 David S. Milleripv4: Lock socket and use cork flow in ip4_datagram_con...
2011-05-08 David S. Millerl2tp: Use cork flow in l2tp_ip_connect() and l2tp_ip_se...
2011-05-08 David S. Millerl2tp: Fix locking in l2tp_core.c
2011-05-08 David S. Millerl2tp: Fix locking in l2tp_ip.c
2011-05-08 David S. Millertcp: Use cork flow in tcp_v4_connect()
2011-05-08 David S. Millerdccp: Use cork flow in dccp_v4_connect()
2011-05-08 Stephen Hemmingerethtool: remove phys_id from ethtool_ops
2011-05-08 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/jkirsher...
2011-05-08 David S. Millerhamachi: Put back RX_CHECKSUM
2011-05-07 Emil Tantilovixgbe: add ethtool counters for OS2BMC
2011-05-07 Emil Tantilovixgbe: add rxhash support
2011-05-07 Jeff Kirsherigb: convert to ethtool set_phys_id
2011-05-07 Jeff Kirshere1000: convert to set_phys_id
2011-05-07 Jeff Kirshere100: implemenet set_phys_id
2011-05-06 David S. Milleripv4: Initialize cork->opt using NULL not 0.
2011-05-06 David S. Milleripv4: Initialize on-stack cork more efficiently.
2011-05-06 David S. Millerinet: Decrease overhead of on-stack inet_cork.
2011-05-06 David S. Millerhamachi: Delete TX checksumming code commented out...
2011-05-05 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-05-05 David S. MillerMerge branch 'for-davem' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-05-05 Anton Blanchardnet: Add sendmmsg socket system call
2011-05-05 Kurt Van Dijckcan: fix SJA1000 dlc for RTR packets
2011-05-05 Jiri Pirkonet: call dev_alloc_name from register_netdevice
2011-05-05 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: function descriptions format fixed
2011-05-05 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: update year to 2011 and version to 1.62.12-0
2011-05-05 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: improve memory handling, low memory recovery...
2011-05-05 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: Do storage mac address validation for SF mode.
2011-05-05 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: allow WoL on every function in MF modes
2011-05-05 Vladislav Zolotarovbnx2x: link report improvements
2011-05-05 Giuseppe CAVALLAROstmmac: removed not used definitions
2011-05-05 Ming Leiusbnet: runtime pm: fix out of memory
2011-05-05 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-05-05 Mohammed Shafi... mac80211: Fix a warning due to skipping tailroom reserv...
2011-05-04 Kurt Van Dijckcan: rename can_try_module_get to can_get_proto
2011-05-04 Kurt Van Dijckcan: make struct can_proto const
2011-05-04 Eric Dumazetnet: ip_expire() must revalidate route
2011-05-04 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/jkirsher...
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv6: Use flowi4->{daddr,saddr} in ipip6_tunnel_xmit().
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Kill rt->rt_{src, dst} usage in IP GRE tunnels.
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Pass explicit saddr/daddr args to ipmr_get_route().
2011-05-04 Don Skidmoreixgbe: Cleanup PCIe bus speed info
2011-05-04 Emil Tantilovixgbe: improve EEPROM read/write operations
2011-05-04 Emil Tantilovixgbe: fix sparse warning
2011-05-04 Don Skidmoreixgbe: fix typo error with software defined pins on...
2011-05-04 Emil Tantilovixgbe: Use function pointer for ixgbe_acquire/release_s...
2011-05-04 stephen hemmingerigbvf: remove bogus phys_id
2011-05-04 Carolyn Wybornyigb: Add check for invalid size to igb_get_invariants_8...
2011-05-04 Jeff Kirsherixgb: convert to set_phys_id
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: In ip_build_and_send_pkt() use 'saddr' and 'daddr...
2011-05-04 Emil Tantilove100: fix build warning
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Use flowi4->{daddr,saddr} in ipip_tunnel_xmit().
2011-05-04 Randy Dunlapx86/net: only select BPF_JIT when NET is enabled
2011-05-04 David S. Millersctp: Use flowi4's {saddr,daddr} in sctp_v4_dst_saddr...
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Use flowi4's {saddr,daddr} in igmpv3_newpack...
2011-05-04 David S. Millerlibcxgbi: Use flowi4's saddr in cxgbi_check_route().
2011-05-04 David S. Millerpptp: Use flowi4's daddr/saddr in pptp_xmit().
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Make caller provide on-stack flow key to ip_route...
2011-05-04 David S. Millerdccp: Use flowi4->saddr in dccp_v4_connect()
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Renamt struct rtable's rt_tos to rt_key_tos.
2011-05-04 David S. Milleripv4: Rework ipmr_rt_fib_lookup() flow key initialization.
2011-05-03 Viresh KUMARnet/stmmac: Move "#include <linux/platform_device.h...
2011-05-02 Lucian Adrian... sysctl: net: call unregister_net_sysctl_table where...
2011-05-02 Jiri PirkoRevert: veth: remove unneeded ifname code from veth_new...
2011-05-02 Rabin Vincentsmsc95xx: fix reset check
2011-05-02 Rafael J. Wysockitg3: Fix failure to enable WoL by default when possible
2011-05-02 Lifeng Sunnetworking: inappropriate ioctl operation should return...
2011-05-02 Eric Dumazetnet: dont hold rtnl mutex during netlink dump callbacks
2011-05-02 David S. MillerMerge branch 'batman-adv/next' of git://git.open-mesh...
2011-05-02 Joe Perchesamd8111e: trivial typo spelling: Negotitate -> Negotiate
2011-05-02 David S. Milleripv4: Make sure flowi4->{saddr,daddr} are always set.
2011-05-02 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-05-02 Bing Zhaomwifiex: fix missing tsf_val TLV
2011-05-02 Larry Fingerrtlwifi: Fix typo in pci.c
2011-05-02 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Add autowake support for USB hardware
2011-05-02 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Introduce capability flag for Bluetooth co...
2011-05-02 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Streamline rt2800 eeprom initialisations.
2011-05-02 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Fix optimize register access for rt2800pci
2011-05-02 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Optimize TX_STA_FIFO register reading
2011-05-02 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Reduce tx status reading timeout
2011-05-02 Christian Lampartermac80211: consolidate MIC failure report handling
2011-05-02 Rafał Miłeckissb: cc: prepare clockmode support for cores rev 10+
2011-05-02 Alexey Dobriyanipv4: don't spam dmesg with "Using LC-trie" messages
2011-05-02 Eric W. Biedermanaf_unix: Only allow recv on connected seqpacket sockets.
2011-05-01 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: Make bat_priv->primary_if an rcu protected...
2011-05-01 Antonio Quartullibatman-adv: fix gw_node_update() and gw_election()
2011-05-01 Antonio Quartullibatman-adv: Move definition of atomic_dec_not_zero...
2011-05-01 Antonio Quartullibatman-adv: orig_hash_find() manages rcu_lock/unlock...
2011-04-30 Wey-Yi Guyiwlagn: remove un-necessary debugfs callback
2011-04-30 Johannes Bergiwlagn: prefer BSS context
2011-04-30 Johannes Bergiwlagn: improve RXON checking
2011-04-30 Johannes Bergiwlagn: remove spectrum measurement header
2011-04-30 Don Fryiwlagn: semaphore and calib cleanup
2011-04-30 Don Fryiwlagn: mod param cleanup