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ownerTatyana Nikolova (Intel)
last changeMon, 9 Oct 2017 17:11:21 +0000 (10:11 -0700)
2017-10-09 Tatyana NikolovaFixes for i40iw which have been included in kernels master
2017-09-25 Sergey Gorenkoib_srp: Fixed backport origin/HEAD origin/master
2017-09-24 Selvin Xavierbnxt_en: Misc bug fixes
2017-09-13 Selvin Xavierbnxt_re: Fix bnxt_en installation in the latest daily...
2017-09-05 Selvin Xavierbnxt_re: Adding bug fix patches
2017-09-04 Selvin Xavierbnxt_re: Backports for SLES12SP0/SP1/SP2 and RH7.0/7.1
2017-09-01 Jeff BeckerNFS/RDMA backport patch for SLES12SP2
2017-09-01 Jeff BeckerNFS/RDMA backport patch to revert source files to 4...
2017-08-28 Vladimir Sokolovskymakefile: Added CONFIG_BNXT parameter to override kerne...
2017-08-28 Vladimir Sokolovskycompat-rdma.spec: Fixed QED firmware installation
2017-08-28 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Fix typos introduced by b8520c5751cc6c40bb2f...
2017-08-24 Vladimir Sokolovskyconfigure: Fix typo
2017-08-22 Vladimir SokolovskyMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-22 Sergey GorenkoFixed SRP support on RHEL7.2 by using blk_iopoll API...
2017-08-22 Selvin Xavierbnxt_re: Add bnxt_re backports
2017-08-22 Selvin Xavierbnxt_re: Enable bnxt_re building
3 years ago vofed-4.8 vofed-4.8
3 years ago vofed-4.8-rc4 vofed-4.8-rc4
3 years ago vofed-4.8-rc3 vofed-4.8-rc3
3 years ago vofed-4.8-rc2 vofed-4.8-rc2
3 years ago vofed-4.8-rc1 vofed-4.8-rc1
3 years ago vofed-3.18-3-20170126-0142 OFED-3.18-3-20170126-0142
4 years ago vofed-3.18-2 OFED-3.18-2
4 years ago vofed-3.18-2-rc2 OFED-3.18-2-rc2
4 years ago vofed-3.18-2-rc1 OFED-3.18-2-rc1
4 years ago vofed-3.18-1 OFED-3.18-1
5 years ago vofed-3.18-1-rc1 OFED-3.18-1-rc1
5 years ago vofed-3.18 OFED-3.18 GA release
6 years ago vofed-3.12-1-rc1 OFED-3.12-1-rc1
6 years ago vofed-3.12
6 years ago compat-rdma-2014-01-30 compat-rdma for OFED-3.12-2014...
7 years ago vofed-3.5-x
3 years ago master