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2017-06-14 Tatyana NikolovaAdding release notes for i40iw ofed_3_18
2017-05-14 Rupert DanceFormatted LICENSE to wrap at 80 columns origin/ofed_3_18
2017-05-14 Rupert DanceOFA Board approved new text for LICENSE
2017-03-13 Vladimir SokolovskyLICENSE: changed to unix file format
2017-03-10 Rupert DanceLatest LICENSE File approved by the OFA on 3/18/2017
2017-02-16 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Removed known issue 2598 as...
2017-02-16 Rupert DanceUpdated OFED RN for 3.18-3
2016-07-03 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED RN
2016-06-30 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Added more known issues
2016-06-26 Davis, Arlin RUpdated uDAPL release notes
2016-06-24 Tatyana NikolovaUpdating iwpm_release_notes.txt for OFED-3.18-2
2016-06-15 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated OFED_release_notes.txt for 3.18-2-rc3
2016-05-17 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Updated for 3.18-2-rc2
2016-04-19 Vladimir SokolovskyUpdated RN for 3.18-2-rc1
2016-04-19 Vladimir SokolovskyOFED_release_notes.txt: Added RHEL7.2 and SLES12.1...
2015-11-23 Rupert DanceUpdated RN for uDAPL version 2.1.7
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