ibacm: Remove umask(0)
[~shefty/ibacm.git] / src / acm.c
2012-10-09 Sean Heftyibacm: Remove umask(0)
2012-10-09 Sean Heftyibacm: Timeout address and route data
2012-06-05 Sean Heftyibacm: Automatically select local port if not specified...
2012-05-31 Hal Rosenstockibacm: Avoid negative shift for subnet timeout
2012-05-31 Dotan Barakibacm: security fix replace sprintf with snprintf
2012-04-06 Sean Heftyibacm: Fixes to ACM package to support distros
2012-04-06 Sean Heftyibacm: Set default route resolution to SA
2012-04-06 Hal Rosenstockibacm: Display LID using unsigned decimal
2012-04-04 Sean Heftyibacm: Allow user to specify LIDs and/or GIDs when...
2012-04-04 sean.hefty@intel.comFix refcnt for multicast destination
2011-09-14 Sean Heftyib_acme: Add missing carriage return in usage statements
2011-06-30 Sean Heftyibacm: Add performance counters
2011-06-30 Sean HeftyFix strict-aliasing rules warning
2011-06-30 Sean HeftyFixup starting curly brace alignment
2011-06-27 Sean Heftyibacm: Run as daemon by default
2011-04-02 Sean Heftyibacm: Allocate address handles dynamically when needed
2011-04-02 Sean Heftyibacm: Join only the base multicast group if using...
2011-04-01 Sean Heftyibacm: Reduce overhead on multicast groups not used
2011-03-05 Sean HeftyHandle port down events
2011-03-05 Sean HeftyHandle port up events
2011-03-05 Sean HeftyAdd log message when incrementing SM destination refere...
2011-03-05 Sean HeftySet SM LID address in network byte order
2011-03-05 Sean HeftyMove endpoint activation to another thread
2011-03-05 Sean HeftyTrack inactive devices and ports
2011-01-21 Sean HeftyDelay opening address file until assigning addresses
2010-12-17 Sean Heftyibacm: restructure path query code
2010-12-17 Sean Heftyibacm: Convert LID name to host order
2010-12-16 Sean Heftyibacm: add support for path lookup by LID/GID
2010-12-16 Sean Heftyibacm: fix lmc usage
2010-12-09 Sean Heftyibacm: check destination type when selecting source
2010-12-08 Sean Heftyib_acm: change default log file
2010-12-08 Sean Heftyibacm: support no delay options
2010-12-08 Sean Heftyibacm: write port to /var/run/ibacm.port
2010-12-08 Sean Heftyibacm: automatically generate addresses if missing...
2010-12-08 Sean Heftyibacm: modify logging output
2010-12-02 Sean Heftyibacm: Add lock to prevent multiple daemons from running
2010-12-01 Sean Heftyibacm: decrease default retries
2010-11-17 Sean Heftyibacm: Introduce loopback resolution 'protocol'
2010-11-17 Sean Heftyibacm: fix issuing SA query after recording address
2010-11-17 Sean Heftyibacm: enhance debug messages
2010-08-25 Sean Heftyibacm: support distros with older versions of gcc
2010-07-29 Sean Heftyibacm: move default location of log file
2010-07-29 Sean Heftyibacm: change location of default configuration file
2010-07-29 Sean Heftyibacm: daemonize ib_acm service
2010-05-08 Sean Heftyibacm: wait for SA query to finish before sending reply
2010-05-07 Sean Heftyibacm: remove unused state
2010-05-06 Sean Heftyibacm: rename ib_path* to ibv_path*
2010-05-05 Sean Heftyibacm: fix log file usage
2010-05-04 Sean Heftyibacm: fix building warnings
2010-05-03 Sean Heftyib/acm: supporting querying the SA for routing data
2010-04-22 Sean Heftyib/acm: add state tracking
2010-04-09 Sean Heftyibacm: resolve source address if not given
2010-04-01 Sean Heftyibacm: major rework to align with linux AF_IB changes
2009-10-29 Sean Heftyibacm: rework socket interface messages
2009-10-02 Sean Heftyib_acm: move zalloc to osd header file for common use
2009-09-16 Sean Heftyibacm: initial git repo